Zune Software For Samsung Sgh-i917

Stock photos may be used to display items. Use only Samsung-approved batteries and chargers. Page research needs in the context of the latest research developments around the world.

Samsung Focus SGH-I - 8GB - Black (AT&T)

If wireless equipment is improperly installed and the air bag inflates, serious injury could result. The Windows Phone Settings screen is displayed.

If you are typing a message or an email, touch send. Websites are optimized for viewing on your phone. However, none of the studies can answer questions about long-term exposures, since the average period of phone use in these studies was around three years. While on a call, tap then tap hold. From the Home webpage, tap The favorites page is displayed.

Tap done Tap the Repeats field if you want the alarm to sound on multiple days instead of only once. Battery Type and Size mAh. Using Emoticon Mode Touch to return to Alphabetic mode.

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Alarms The Alarms application allows you to access and set alarms. Recent Activities From the recent screen you can see the contacts that you viewed last. Take it from someone who is coming form an android phone and currently owns an android tablet. The screen is absolutely fantastic. Touch buy, or install, if the application is free, or share to send someone a message or email containing a link to the game.

Tap delete history delete to delete all previously-typed search terms from your phone. Updates are automatically located and installed. Options During a Call Your phone provides a number of control options that you can use during a call. Coming directly out of an Apple, it wasnt what I was expecting.

The Confirm purchase screen displays. Internet Explorer Open Internet Explorer to start surfing the web. Touch on album cover thumbnails to play a sample song. This compact cell phone is big on features and durability. And the camera on this is absolutely a killer, taking some of the best pictures.

Making a Call From the Home screen, tap on-screen keypad to enter the number you want to dial. Activating this feature automatically corrects some common mistakes while dialing internationally or dialing while abroad. These safety precautions should be followed to safely use your phone. Do not take photos of people without their permission.

Depending on the phone type that you entered when the contact was created, the display may show call home, call company, call phone, and so on. Tap pin to start after it displays under the icon.

Tap a contact to see their profile. People Options You can access several options while viewing the details page for a specific entry. From the Home screen, tap system feedback. Touch and hold below the slider. Drag the Tile to the new location and release.

Internal Memory User memory is less than the total memory due to storage of the operating system and software used to operate the features. Actual user memory will vary depending on the operator and may change after software upgrades are performed. Ask the Community Browse answers, jonas brothers paranoid mp3 ask questions and get solutions from other Samsung customers. Ask a question or start a new topic to get help and advice from our loyal Samsung community. Or continue shopping on Samsung.

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Samsung Focus SGH-I917 User Manual

Touch the type a message box and use the on-screen keypad to type your message. Calculator You can also search all shows from the library screen.

The phone is fairly easy to setup. Enjoy your favorite music, connect to social networks, never miss a call, and receive all text alerts without missing a beat. Music and Videos This section explains how to access music, videos, podcasts, and radio on your phone. Still good if you are looking for alternate to iPhone and do not need or want to bother with complexities of Android.

Messaging This section describes how to send and receive different types of messages. When receiving an incoming call, briefly press down either volume key to adjust the volume while playing music or videos. All in all, this is a really good phone, but until that update comes, there.

Emoticons are not available for some input fields. Page Before using Marketplace you must set up a Microsoft account.

Some hearing devices are more immune than others to this interference noise, and phones also vary in the amount of interference they generate. There are no discussions for this product yet. Touch and drag the Automatically adjust slider to the left to turn it Off. Sweep across the screen to the right or left to view more podcast categories.

Product Performance in the air bag deployment area. Wait until the device switches on and displays the Home screen. Editing An Existing Contact Tap name then tap the First name and Last name fields and use the on-screen keypad to enter names for each entry.

Touch Exchange ActiveSync or Internet email account, depending on the kind of account you want to set up. For one there's no multi-tasking which is very important, it gets annoying having to launch the app again.

Social Support Contact us on Twitter or Facebook and we'll reply with an answer to your question or issue. Touchscreen Yes Technology that enables users to interact with a phone by touching images, words, or icons on the display.

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Setting a New Alarm From the Home screen, tap Tap the Time field then use your finger to sweep the hour and minute fields to set the time you want for the alarm. At the Home screen, sweep the screen to the left. Activating the Data connection automatically turns off airplane mode.