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This is awesome thank you! Take Me To Church - Hozier. My fav to sing and Sweet Dreams by The Eurythmics. Even stripped of its cross-burning video, the song is plenty inflammatory enough in its conflation of religious fervor and fellatio.

The lead vocal part never rises above a purr, but it conveys a ton of attitude just the same. Rihanna's range here is limited, and Drake's rap is simple enough to learn on the spot.

50 Best Karaoke Songs and Sing-Alongs of All Time

Share On vk Share On vk Share. Dancing Queen for example goes really high. American Pie - Don McLean. Share On email Share On email Email. Some people make it a weekly ritual.

Some of those songs are not ideal for karaoke, as they are difficult to sing. If you want to impress your sweetie in the crowd, counter strike 1.6 v43 pick one of these top karaoke songs about love. Are you ready to find out the top karaoke songs?

Pros may use karaoke to show off their Broadway-ready belting voices or polish their Kate Bush impersonations. Help Center Getting started Downloading Contact us. Titanium - David Guetta feat. Wrecking Ball - Miley Cyrus. And if you're karaoke-shy, everyone will probably join in and you won't feel self-conscious at all.

Check out the list below for our top picks. Listen to the best karaoke songs. Here are some of the most popular karaoke songs, broken down by genre, category, and more! Share On link Share On link.

Need something a bit easier to sing? Via better-than-kanye-bitchh. It's kiiiinda hard to screw up a song with basically no lyrics. Share On more Share On more More.

25 Crowd-Pleasing Karaoke Songs That Are Actually Impossible To Mess Up

Popular Vocal Backing Tracks

The Bs are the ultimate example of this. Whether you grew up with rock or pop princesses, these crowd-pleasers will get everyone singing along with you.

If I would just knock it down or up a notch it would be a great hit for them. Get Lucky - Daft Punk feat. Karaoke Songs Karaoke catalog New video karaoke files Free karaoke. Duet, summer nights from Grease Male vocal, bully idol white wedding Reply.

Karaoke night is a great way to get over stage fright if you attend regularly. Talk-singing at its best, until it's scream-wailing at its best.

Happy - Pharrell Williams. Because Des'ree knows what's up and this feels good to sing, no matter how you sound. Their ditty sails easily over a sea of gleeful horns and doo-wop backing vocals, emphasizing CeeLo's quirky sense of humor and a clear, unabashed love of dropping those f-bombs. Blank Space - Taylor Swift. This is possibly the most perfect karaoke song in existence.

Ironic - Alanis Morissette. The whole thing makes the achingly lonely search for a dance floor soulmate sound like the best Friday night ever.

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Blog Welcome to our blog, providing the latest music news, featured Lucky Voice playlists and topical stories. Thinking ahead can be especially helpful for beginner karaoke singers, since it will take the stress away from choosing a song the night of. John and Paul had very high singing voices, and most males are baritones. It is one of my favorites to sing but not like the Righteous Brothers. Or perhaps a higher one, like Dolly Parton.

In The Ghetto - Elvis Presley. Speechless Full Aladdin film - Naomi Scott. Heartbreak never sounded so carefree.