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Already given in the intro. Asalam alaikum, please help me on how to perform ghusul.

In this website, People learn Quran online. Check this to get new posts and updates to your email. Sir, you have donated a lot of money in the world.

The message is that we pray to Him before the sun rises, after the sun had set, and in the midnight with Quran recitation. Asalam alaikum wa rahmotullah. Have everything you need to know about Islam all at the touch of a button!

Islamic Software & Mobile Apps

Whether you want to find out more info about Islam or just simply want to listen to Qur'an, this app has it all. Just go through the app for complete information. So, that they will rectify it in upcoming version. How can I download Quran with Tafsir in many laguage in my laptop?

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This software has clear, easy to read and large Arabic text. Questions about any topic are welcome, such as theology, worship, human and business relations, or social and personal issues. This release is beta still in testing, not final product.

Supports plug-in Hadith collections in different languages. You can easily search for a topic and cross-reference between all collections! It is a revolutionary program that focuses on memorization in a step by step fashion.

Please How Can i ask of a question concerning how will should perform the our five daily prayer. In the name of Allah, the Gracious, the Merciful. Alhamdulillah for joining this website.

If you find any mistake in any of the software or app please inform to concern website or developer. Wake up and live your life you only have one.

The Real and True Religion of Islam. You can insert ayah of Quran or translation to your word document with easy.

Assalamu Alaikum, This is the most accurate information about Islam so if you want to learn the more knowledge about Quran and want to learn Quran online with Tajweed and Tafseer visit our website. So, showing obedience to Prophet Muhammad is not the religion of the real and true Islam. It is an excellent Quran Memorization software for Windows that focuses on easy memorization in a step by step method. These will be very helpful.

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The truth has come from Allah Almighty. True believers are commanded to follow the faith of Abraham who is not of those that set up gods with God. Best Online Quraan Academy is a platform for each itinerant and lover of the Quran.

Also download free Islamic Android apps developed by AllahsWord. Please I need all the available Islamic websites that deals with reputing all the Christians lies and claims about muhammad, bangladeshi band mp3 song history of islam and Quran. This page will be InShaAllah updated with more Islamic websites. JazakAllahu khairan for all these softwares. Simple and excellent Quran software for Windows to easily recite and understand the Holy Quran.

Athan For Windows

Pickthal, Yusuf Ali and Shakir. Powered by Create your own unique website with customizable templates.


Quran, Hadith, Prayer Times and more. The Noble Quran E Book click on image to see larger screenshot. We will validate the job profile before activating the Job. Attached pdf for reference.

Islamic Softwares

Islamic Software & Mobile Apps

Akinwande Surajudeen Aina. In the above list, The Noble Quran first one has the feature of searching both English as well as Arabic transliteration. Comprehensive, Reliable and Complete Search Facility. Ayat is a cross platform Quranic software with unique features, translated to many languages.

Created a platform to interact with Scholars where users can search for an Expert from different areas like Counsellor, Scholar, Alim, Speaker. We teach online Arabic language. Indices for Quick References.

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