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Suno meri jaan hanske mujhe yeh keh do Bheege labon ki narmi mere liye hai Ho jawan nazar ki masti mere liye hai Haseen adaa ki shokhi mere liye hai. Do not touch me, keep your hands away from me. What else can I do but be attracted to you? You should be grounded and not forget your standards.

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Eventually, why are you after me? Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. In an attempt to induce some light banter, she questions him about his confidence and the reason for him being so assured in his ways. Your email address will not be published. Apna dil pesh karun apni wafa pesh karun.

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Jawan kayi hai lekin jahan mein koyi Tum si haseen nahi hai hum kya karein. How can I discover the meaning of a song and contribute? What almost seems like a test of his loyalty, she wonders why among all the beautiful women in the room, he continues to pursue her? Wherever you are, song of arfin rumey I shall be there too. She seems to be a bit reserved about the whole scenario fearing what the others may think about their possible relationship.

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My dear, stop for a while. He regards her presence in this room as a blessing and a gift. Mere liye leke aayi ho yeh saugat Jahan tum ho wahan main bhi hoon. You are so confident of me accepting you, but I am not so sure myself.

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Listen, my love, just smile for a while, and tell me that the softness of your wet lips are mine to keep. Why are you in my vicinity always, when there are so many except me? Go to anyone who would happily be with you.

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