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So clearly The Woman in Black is not a fresh arrival to the horror splinter where the ghost story resides. While bidding farewell to Sam, Arthur sees the Woman in Black lure Joseph onto the tracks towards an oncoming train. When Arthur attempts to save her, he sees the Woman in Black goading the girl into burning herself. Trivia The music boxes and mechanical toys in the nursery scenes were not created for the movie, but were genuine antique toys from the period, microsoft windows icons - loaned to the production by a collector.

The ending is also changed from that in the novel, and it's already proving to be divisive. Arthur realizes that his son Joseph, who is coming to Crythin Gifford that night, is Jennet's next victim. In town, Jerome's house catches fire with his daughter still inside. Edit Storyline In London, solicitor Arthur Kipps still grieves over the death of his beloved wife Stella on the delivery of their son Joseph four years before. Assuming Jennet pacified, Arthur and his son Joseph meet at the railway station.

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Why do people in the village oppose Arthur staying in the village? The Woman in Black British theatrical release poster. The Woman in Black by Susan Hill. During the dinner in one of her fits Elisabeth draws an image on the dinner table of a woman hanging. However, Arthur goes to the isolated manor and soon he finds that Eel Marsh House is haunted by the vengeful ghost of a woman dressed in black.

They suddenly look up at something off-screen and, appearing entranced, jump to their deaths from the bedroom window. Principal photography took place from September to December across England. In London, solicitor Arthur Kipps still grieves over the death of his beloved wife Stella on the delivery of their son Joseph four years before. The Thomas family goes out to their cabin in the woods to celebrate Christimas together with their daughter and her boyfriend, but their first Christmas together may be their last.

Did that wind up toy move? For this positively oozes old fashioned values, harking back to all those wonderful spookers set around a creepy village that featured an even creepier castle or mansion at its core.

The soundtrack for the film was composed by American film composer Marco Beltrami. Horror Titles on Amazon Video. The letter reveals that Jennet blames Alice for saving only herself and leaving Nathaniel's body in the marsh. After the train passes, Joseph spots a woman in white on the tracks, and Arthur identifies her as his late wife Stella, the family now happily reunited, as the Woman in Black looks ominously on. Upon arrival, Arthur finds many of the villagers rather unwelcoming, especially at the local inn own by the Fisher's.

Arthur befriends Daily on the train and the man offers a ride to him to the Gifford Arms inn. Personally I have no issue with it, I was still sunk in the cinema chair breathing heavily at that point! How you react to it, and it is up for a two-fold interpretation, may dampen your overall enjoyment of the picture? Sam takes Arthur back to his home to keep him away from the village people. Sam gives Arthur a bag filled with candles and food, as Arthur plans on spending the night at Eel Marsh.

It's fitting that that bastion of British horror, Hammer Studios, should be behind this delightful period ghost story. Arthur once again hears odd noises throughout the house and discovers the sound is coming from the nursery, which is now unlocked. Daily a creepy character in her own right, but it's also another neat meditation on grief that sits alongside Arthur Kipps'. Upon his return to the village Arthur attempts to alert the village constable of what he heard in the marsh, only to be dismissed.

The death certificates reveal that Jennet hanged herself from a beam in the nursery, vowing never to forgive Alice. Through the nursery window Arthur then sees a silhouette of a boy crawling out of the ground and walking towards he house. England portal Film portal Horror portal. But it's with the interior of the house where the makers excel, an utterly unforgiving and upsetting place, brilliantly under lit by Tim Maurice-Jones for maximum scary effect. The character is changed from the book, meaning Radcliffe has to carry inner torment as well as exuding an outer coat of trepidation blended with stoic fear.

Arthur, undeterred, pays a local to take him to Eel Marsh. You don't believe me, do you? That damn rocking chair is the scariest there has ever been!

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While exploring the inside of the house Arthur is distracted by odd noises, a bolted nursery, and the appearance of a spectral entity in funerary garb. Adding further drama to their plight, they are targeted by the ghost of former resident. Arthur has a cold reception and the owner of the inn tells that he did not receive the request of reservation and there is no available room. Fisher convinces her husband to let Arthur stay the night in the attic, the same room where their three daughters died. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

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The original novel's author Susan Hill helped with the story, with the screenplay written by Jon Croker. Sam is lured into another part of the house by the ghost of his dead son, who locks him in a room. User Polls Favorite Evil Triumph?

The townspeople blame Arthur for this death as well. Learn more More Like This. In an effort to lift the curse, Arthur and Sam find Nathaniel's body in the marsh, and place it in his nursery, where Arthur lures Jennet to him.

Arthur and Sam bury Nathaniel with Jennet, though her voice echoes through the house that she will never forgive the wrongs she suffered. Elisabeth suffers from fits of hysteria, which she attributes to her boy speaking through her. When Sam attempts to drive Arthur to Eel Marsh the next day, a fleet of local men attempt to drive him off.

Is that a pallid face we just glimpsed in the shadows? The local man tells Arthur that he will not be able to pick him up for a few hours due to the rising tide over the single pathway to the house. Was this review helpful to you? Empire Award for Best Horror. British theatrical release poster.

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Audible Download Audio Books. Thankfully Watkins and his team have nailed it there as well. When the refugees take shelter at Eel Marsh House, Eve soon comes to realize that they are not alone.

The next morning, Arthur meets solicitor Jerome who advises him to return to London. The next morning, Arthur goes to meet his legal contact, Mr.

Arthur sees an apparition of a woman hanging herself. On the acting front the film rests solely on the shoulders of Radcliffe, and he comes up trumps. Jerome, who tries to hurry him away from the village.