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Reading the references is interesting, as Minto certainly picked some serious influences, including Wittgenstein, Chomsky, Karl Popper and Thomas Kuhn. This article offers a practical explanation of the Minto Pyramid Principle, developed by Barbara Minto. Do you recognise the explanation of the Minto Pyramid Principle? The top of the pyramid is a statement, silverline software with the supporting base of the pyramid ready to provide answers to the questions the statement raises.

If you believe you can absorb the message of this book without actually hav A turgid, dated slog. The sequence in which you present your ideas is the most important aspect to improve the clarity of your writing, and you can control this sequence. This is the central framework used by the top management consultants and business analysts today. Always first give the summarising idea, on the top of the pyramid. Equally important, the five questio This is book is very helpful for my business writing.

Then, for each supporting idea or argument, break that further into more ideas or arguments until you have formed a pyramid. One of the reasons The Pyramid Principle is so effective is that it uses vertical relationships. In the consulting world, we accomplish this with The Pyramid Principle. He taught the course entirely from principles contained in this book.

My goal for this abundant contact has been to super learn the concepts, which are otherwise difficult to perceive with only passing exposure. It immediately improved my own writing. Each point represents a summary of specific support for the recommendation or the answer from the first step. This overarching idea is then backed up by sub-points that answer the sub-questions of how?

The Pyramid Principle How To Craft Coherent Explanations - Jeff Kavanaugh

Inductive is more creative, but it is harder to do well. Aristotle Model of Communication. Therefore, I really recommend it to corporate trainers.

Most of us default to deductive. This also has a great advantage for the writer himself. If you are a written communicator for business, or a technical writer, this book is extremely important.

Communicating the thinking requires only that you guide the reader down the pyramid. It shows how to organise information clearly and persuasively. The principle of the McKinsey Pyramid is to cut to the chase in written texts or presentations. Highly, highly recommended as a handbook of effective thinking to come back to time and time again. What should we do about it?

This is my all time favorite book on persuasive writing. Im A generation ago, this was an important bestselling book about structured informational writing. The Minto Method gave me a way to think about conveying ideas with clarity and a framework to apply this logic to the presentation of any type of information. What I liked about the book is its presentation of how we process information - vertical and horizontal logic. This is a superbly practical and readable book.

Minto Pyramid Principle a powerful communication tool

Underneath the single thought, you are supposed to group and summarize the next level of supporting ideas and arguments. The first reason for this is to maximise and effectively use the limited time of the audience. Topics covered range from the difference between deductive and inductive reasoning, to a discussion of how to highlight the structure of information. Some of the later chapters are particularly dense and harder to follow. Narrative pattern development situation, complication, question, answer.

The points derive from each other. There's too much reading and not enough doing and practice. Always up-to-date with our latest practical posts and updates? Maybe an example would explain better the advantage of this system.

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If the arguments and ideas that are given contain a certain flow, frequency or cause-effect structure, these must be placed in chronological order. Personally, I like three to five because that gives you room to be wrong on one or two options. Like a pyramid, the information you present should branch out as you move on towards specific details of the discussion. Branch out to discuss supporting details. After that, you will discuss each detail as you move from one main point to the next.

Facts and thoughts are organised in a way that makes the text more convincing. Logically order supporting ideas within each group. Subsequently, the pyramid branches out from each argument to the lowest level where supporting details and ideas are given that must show the validity of the presented arguments. The early chapters are easier to comprehend.

The writer will continue to write, raising and answering questions, until he reaches a point at which he judges the reader will have no more logical questions. In vertical relationships, the supporting points the base need to answer the question raised by the statement above the tip. While everyday conversations with friends will usually have a slow build up to a conclusion, talking with potential clients and investors are a different scenario.

Minto Pyramid Principle a powerful communication tool

Applying the top-down structure of a pyramid in communication methods means that a direct answer is given to the question that has been asked. The pages here would have looked clear and innovative, with navigation cues of headings, numbers, indents, shading, and lots of diagram. Nowadays, it is of historical interest, more than practical use. What other books would you recommend to read after The Pyramid Principle? Mutually exclusive means that each component is distinct, there is no overlap, and that you can address each part on its own without worrying about the other components.

For horizontal relationships, the supporting points relate to each other, using either deductive or inductive reasoning. Example quotes from Keynes, Chesterton, and Thoreau are glasses of water in the desert.

This means of course that the slides by themselves will not be intelligible as a handout to someone who has not attended the presentation. It may useful to complement it with other books on creative thinking e. The framework described in it is highly effective in any non-narrative writing and it is used in most top-class consultancy firms. But all else being equal, the person who advances the fastest is usually the one who knows the value of time, how to deliver value, and tell a succinct story with sound reasoning.

The Pyramid Principle Tips for Presentation Structure

To keep executives focused, you need to craft a coherent story. Nowadays, the advice about headings, fonts, and numberings is too simple, basic, and out of date. Appears to be bland but when put in structure it makes complex situations concise, clear and more solvable.

Whilst never exactly a fun read, it then seemed like goo Oh dear. There's a nugget of a very good technique here, but the illustrative and diagnostic material is often obscure and difficult to follow. This is a key tenet of both effective information analysis and communication to your audience. There is no advice about delivering presentations, let alone the dreaded PowerPoint, which was released the same year as this book.

Minto Pyramid Principle