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Blaine later moves in with Kurt. Chemistry between the two characters, combined with fan support for the potential couple, led series co-creator Ryan Murphy to pair them romantically onscreen. At the end of season two, they renew their relationship after Nationals in New York, though Rachel warns Finn she will be returning to New York for good after she graduates. James decides to build the group's Nationals routine around Unique, and to promote her as a show choir star.

Vocal Adrenaline

Blaine later gets trapped in an elevator with Kurt, as part of a plan of Sue to get them back together, and she demands they kiss each other to get out, which they eventually do. Later at the lockers, Mercedes and Kurt are talking about how unbelievable the performance was and that Vocal Adrenaline won. Joins prior to Loser Like Me. He later assures Blaine of his love and they both decide to go on a healthy diet from then. He makes his first appearance in the fifth episode of season four.

In the final season, he marries his long-time love, Kurt. Blaine lies to Kurt that he gets to perform in a showcase which is organised by June for Blaine. Quinn subsequently receives a college acceptance letter from Yale. Wade leaves Vocal Adrenaline and joins New Directions. Although Mercedes has a new boyfriend, he wants to get her back.

Ryder joins the glee club in the episode Dynamic Duets and romantic tension builds between him and Marley. James is the new head coach of Vocal Adrenaline and Unique is the lead vocalist. He returns to Lima and starts coaching the Warblers and he also starts to date Dave Karofsky, which comes as a shock to Kurt when he realizes he still loves Blaine and goes to Lima to get him back. It is also revealed that Quinn's real name is Lucy Quinn Fabray and she used to be bullied for being fat, and eventually decided to have a nose job.

Jake tells Finn about this and Finn convinces Ryder to do a test to see what's wrong with him. After confessing to Kurt of his infidelity, Kurt severs all ties.

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Jake and Ryder start competing for Marley's affection. Sam Evans Sam Evans Chord Overstreet is a transfer student who joins the football team in season two. They both decide to take things slow and Blaine decides to move out.

Following Overstreet's casting, media speculation suggested Sam might have been created as a boyfriend for Kurt. Newell was a runner-up in The Glee Project's first season, and his prize was a two-episode arc on Glee. But later, she reveals it to the Glee Club as she is sure about her love for him.

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At the beginning of his senior year, Blaine becomes the lead singer of New Directions and successfully prompts Kurt to follow his New York City dreams. Later, the team performs We Built This City and Mickey at Sectionals, using props like pogo jumpers, flags and human cannonballs. But later, both of them decide to have their own space for some time and Blaine decides to share a room with Sam, who has also moved to New York.

She also gets back together with Jesse, whom she later marries. They ultimately resume their relationship and marry in a double ceremony with Brittany and Santana. When Kurt discovers the lie, he is very upset, but they ultimately reconcile and Kurt decides to support his fiance. They get married along with Brittany and Santana.

Blaine later breaks up with Karofsky and gets back together with Kurt. Kurt eventually breaks off their engagement because he does not feel ready for marriage. Terri Scheuster tries on several occasions to get Quinn to agree to give her the baby after it is born so that she can continue her deception that she is pregnant with her husband Will's baby. He goes to Lima for his father's tests and gets relieved on learning that Burt is out of danger. They are about to become fathers, with Rachel as their surrogate.

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She reveals to Finn that she is pregnant and tells him that the baby is his, although the real father is Finn's best friend Puck. Though he is a bit skeptical about Elliot's intentions at first, later he finds a good friend in him. This ends their working together on directing New Directions. When Jake gives Ryder a note with his fear written on it, Ryder asks him to be a man and say it face to face.

Initially a spy for cheerleading coach Sue Sylvester, she comes to enjoy her club participation. She explains that she feels like Unique is her real self.

They got the second place, and Jesse was possibly fired after the Nationals. He does not stay in touch with Rachel or Kurt for several months.

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After junior prom, Mercedes and Sam begin dating secretly, but he moves away during the summer. She starts dating Brittany. He is dating cheerleader Quinn, but is conflicted by his growing feelings for Rachel. When Jake and Marley begin dating, Ryder struggles with his feelings for her. In the series finale, leidschendam online dating they are dating once again.

For season six, she helps Rachel and Kurt with their new glee club and helps Becky with her new boyfriend. One of the glee club members, Marley Rose, tells Finn he was a good teacher, and he soon enrolls in college to pursue a teaching degree.

He meets Adam, a British student and crushes on him briefly. Kurt breaks up with Blaine as he does not feel ready for marriage, but realizes that he is still in love with him and goes back to Lima to help Rachel revive New Directions and also get back Blaine. Sue later knows that Mercedes and Kurt were talking to Unique and tells them to give high heels to encourage Unique to dance in them on stage and Vocal Adrenaline will lose. Tina harbors a crush on Blaine, but she realizes her folly and becomes his friend. However, valuing his friendship with Jake and Marley's happiness, Ryder decides to suppress his feelings and be happy for them.

They are revealed to be arrogant, intolerant bullies Clint moreso than the rest of the group who believe winning is the only thing that is important. In season four, he develops friendships with Blaine and Brittany, the latter of which becomes a romantic relationship. Will agrees to make it fair for them but when Sam shows up at his house trying to ruin Will's life after being hypnotized by Sue, Will decides to fight for real and not to hold anything back. His doctor tells him that he is cancer free a few months later. Their relationship continues through the end of that first year.

He later reconciles with Kurt and proposes marriage to him, getting help from several other show choirs. Mercedes has a new boyfriend, Shane, by the beginning of the third season. The two then begin a relationship. It seems that Vocal Adrenaline's members have decreased.

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Despite being mentioned, they don't appear at all this season, marking the first and only season this happens. Will finds a match for her, Ken Tanaka, whose job she took over. He has a premature ejaculation problem, which causes him to believe he is the father of Quinn's baby despite the fact that they have never had sex. Kicked out and reinstated in Transitioning. Later in New York, Kurt confesses to Adam that though he tries hard to forget Blaine, he couldn't do it.

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Blaine moves in with Kurt. Will mentioned New Directions would face Throat Explosion instead of them. But later, Kurt reconciles with Blaine and promises to supports him throughout. Quinn comes back for two episodes during the fifth season and becomes Puck's girlfriend again.

Later in the episode, Kitty Becca Tobin tells Ryder she understands how he feels because she went through a similar situation and the two bond. This becomes a relationship, but Quinn is later unfaithful to him, rekindling her romance with Finn. Blaine, then surprises everyone when he asks Kurt to perform the last duet with him much to June's dismay.