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Talus ridge lots of fish dating, saddlebag Lake Trail

The frozen snow made the travel pretty easy since it covered to loose rock. After a lunch break in the trees at the three-mile mark, the maintained trail ended, and we started making our way up steeper terrain up the north fork of Alpine Creek. It takes some effort to reach this area, so the traffic is low. Higher up, it got much more interesting.

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From the saddle, we headed north across the boulders, talus, and snowfields. The ridge got steeper, which led to some fun scrambling on the stable granite. Once at the saddle, dating website clone I dropped my big pack and began the climb up the east ridge of Glens Peak. Then it was back to the ridge for the final climb to the summit.

Fortunately, the bad weather never materialized. The trail climbed through the forest, then eventually entered some wildflower filled meadows. Round trip from the saddle was just over a mile, with feet of elevation gain.

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Based on his reaction upon entering the water, we decided it was too cold for the rest of us. It was a great vantage point. Once at east end of the lake, we packed up our rod and reels for good, and headed down. The alpine scenery, and the crystal clear water in the first lake immediately dazzled me. And I headed to Ten Lake Basin for some exploring.

The first section was pretty mellow, and the trail was easy going as it wound its way through sagebrush and wildflowers. But it made for a good adventure. We awoke the next morning to some raindrops and blowing wind indicating some weather might be heading our way.

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The solitude and scenery are excellent, but be prepared for some extensive off-trail navigation and occasional rock scrambling along the way. It was a very cool setting. So down I went to Heart Lake, and then continued bushwhacking south for some more connecting the lake dots. The temperatures increased as we hike through the wildflowers and sagebrush back to the trailhead, so we were plenty happy to reach the car and with some fresh clothes waiting for us.

Ken and I fished our way around the lake, catching Rainbow, Golden, and Grayling along the way. After some fishing, we continued up the faint path. Ken and Reed fished Ingeborg and Spangle. We hiked along the north shore, and stopped for some good fishing along the way. There was quite a bit of snow lingering, which made for easy hiking in the softening mid-day snow.

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Saddlebag Lake Trail

At the point where the ridge turns north, there was a tower to bypass. Near the summit, the ridge got much flatter, and it became an easy stroll to the highpoint. Still lots of snow up there in late July. Once at Spangle, we fished for a while, had some conversations about me being a slave driver, and then decided to head up to Lake Ingeborg to camp for the night.

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