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During this conference, the president discuss with assessors of every candidates and then he comes to the conclusion what all candidates should be recommended. In this test candidates are required to write sentences on the different words projected on screen. Give your intro a final touch Read your intro multiple times and see if anything needs further clarification. Through your academic background certain other reflections can be made which helps an assessor to decide your potential.

They also have to write what type of person they want to be. Being a repeater and having familiar with the process already, he is required to meet all the expectations to prove his metal. Repeaters have equal chances of selection.

You can still get recommended even if you have secured just minimum marks to be eligible for the entry. Having high marks in academics is nowhere related to these requirements. Their passion and interests lies in sports.

This is really a masterpiece. You should answer all the questions by full confidence.

How I prepared for reasoning part? Even previously recommended candidates get screened out or conference out many times. New Online Tests Practice with online tests to prepare for all competitive exams. But this time I was pretty optimistic that I will fetch good marks. Time to time we change the recommended books so that you may get best benefits at the time of purchasing the books.

SSB Interview Preparation Guide eBook Download

During this personal interaction he may ask you some questions which may not sound that much important to you. Command Task is generally conducted on the second day of group testing series. What are your strengths and weakness? If you have it in you then you will be selected. Think about what actually they are interested in hearing.

SSB Interview Day Wise Procedure - Ultimate Guide To Crack SSB InterviewSSB Interview Preparation Guide eBook Download

How many friends you have made in this board? Why you were not selected in your last attempt? It is true that many candidates get rejected but is also true that many get selected. How you overcame your weaknesses?

Why you want to join armed forces? You can also try making videos of your intro to gain self confidence.

This personal interaction is an opportunity for him to know you more and to have a clear insight about your personality and performance. It is equally important to give logical answers. Write down the final outline and imbibe it. Selection of a candidates is nothing to do with the location of selection board. There the candidates are told sit in semicircular manner so that one can see all the other candidates while discussing.

Revise your intro and memorize the key points. If you will not be selected then what will be your future plan? The book helped me a lot and gave me a clear overview of the questions and my weak concepts.

Likewise, the profile of an officer is dynamic, your introduction should also be the same. However, I still felt there was scope of further improvement. Then re-write the complete intro. Name them with their chest number.

SSB Interview Preparation Guide eBook Download

Who performed the best in your group? In this test candidates have to write about the opinions of his parents, friends, shree krishna bhajans mp3 teacher and self. This is an opportunity both for a candidate and all the board officer to interact with each other.

How To Prepare For SSB Interview Complete Guide 5 Days Interview Process

How was your Psychology test and Interview? These days group testing officers have started spending a good time in taking short interview prior to the command task. Read about the thing you are going to be interviewed for You should be aware what they are looking in a candidate. In this way you will be able to imbibe it easily.

SSB Interview Preparation Guide eBook Download

SSB Interview Day Wise Procedure - Ultimate Guide To Crack SSB Interview

How To Prepare For SSB Interview Complete Guide 5 Days Interview Process

5 Day SSB interview procedure

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