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The city has an identity crisis. There's still a small fishing harbour, which the town's new brewpub overlooks.

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So, if you're quick, you can travel out and back on the same ticket. In addition to the standard old tat, there is an unimaginative violin theme in many of the decorations.

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Den Haag lacks the glamour and sophistication that you might expect of the seat of the national government. The rather spartan interior makes excellent use of the original brickwork and the soaring vaulted ceiling.

It tries to portray itself as a classy resort with its casino and Kurhaus, but in reality has the same mix of tacky souvenir sellers and chip shops as Skegness. Perhaps the bar could be less boring and its obvious modernity clashes with rest of the structure.

Its late opening time and its handy position on the way back to the station, make it a good last stop if you've made a day trip to the city. It has a good corner location smack in the centre of town and occupies two floors. Scheveningen The gemeente council of The Hague has been expanded to include the seaside town of Scheveningen, which joins seamlessly onto the western edge of the city proper. You are allowed to change i.

Low-key music contributes to the quiet, cosy atmosphere and helps create a good environment for serious beer-tasting. This area of working class and immigrant housing close to Den Haag Hollands Spoor railway station, is frustrating the best intentions of the city's planners. In April this former music shop opened as Den Haag's first brewpub. In contrast, rich terracotta walls and lustrous carpet create an eye-catching entryway.

In the city centre is a former Firkin house which brews uniquely in Holland cask-conditioned ales in British styles. Most of the pubs which are of interest to the serious beer drinker are clustered around the centre and can be comfortably crawled around. The current incumbent is Dutch, but seems to have got the hang of British-style beers. The rattan chairs add softness and warmth to the marble table, and I love the banquet style sofa.

If you come here by train from Amsterdam you'll understand why I usually call it legoland. Large wooden tables match the scale of the room and promote a more communal atmosphere.

Hate it or despise it, The Hague is easy to ignore. Tickets can be bought on trams, but it's cheaper to buy a strip strippenkaart at a newsagent's. Artwork by Samantha Totty. The geography lesson now ends. Given a new lease of life with a full renovation, this elegant Stockholm apartment blends modern elements with beautifully preserved original features.

The decor is simple with much use of wood. The brewing equipment, tucked away in one corner, is a mixture of modernistic, efficient stainless steel and romantic copper. It was one of a chain of brewpubs in Continental Europe which the British Firkin group planned to establish.