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History of Women Philosophers and Scientists

Christian Plessl and Prof

The approach should even allow for undercutting the Landauer-limit in the long run. However, the pursuit of ever higher performance and efficiency exposes challenges.

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After a short introduction, we epitomize the simple but powerful knowledge representation paradigm underlying the rest of the talk. We then delve into three of the pillars of our work, i. This fast-paced development urgently demands energy-efficient computational methods. Christian Plessl and Prof.

Christian Plessl and the theoretical chemist Prof. How this goal can be achieved is demonstrated by the computer scientist Prof.

We then delve into

For each pillar, we give some insights into the types of approaches developed by the group. In particular, automatic approaches to capture, integrate, access and use the knowledge available in this data become indispensable. Humanity has produced more digital information over the last five years than over all of its previous history. According to cryptographic folklore, this was widely believed to be impossible.

After a short introduction we

Future challenges and open questions complete the talk. Axel Ngonga und Herrn Prof. With this flood of diverse data come a plethora of new requirements to data processing approaches. Key establishment protocols are a cornerstone of secure communication on the Internet.