Wealthy Bavaria braces for seismic shift after decades of single-party rule

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The tents are gone but there are still about asylum seekers housed here, according to the Federal Office of Migration. After the first six weeks, people were exhausted.

Within their own countries, dominant parties ruling over one-party states are often referred to simply as the Party. One peculiar example is Cuba. They could eventually be in power.

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We have very low pensions and a rural exodus with no doctors in hospitals. We had to provide food, shelter and administration.

Ingrid Walo, a year-old Munich retail worker, shares these concerns. Munich may speak conservatively but in Berlin and Brussels they vote differently. They are losing support in their strongholds. Most often, proponents of a one-party state argue that the existence of separate parties runs counter to national unity.

Munich may speak conservatively butIngrid Walo a yearold

Deggendorf became a refugee transit center, with hundreds of people housed in a dormitory and scores more camped outside in tents. But it also bore the brunt of the refugee crisis in Germany. At first, Bavarians flocked to help in a humanitarian crisis. However, these parties are largely or completely subservient to the ruling party and must accept the ruling party's monopoly of power as a condition of their existence. We can't win with her any more.

On the other hand, not all authoritarian or totalitarian states operate based on the one-party rule. We need to strike a balance and be cosmopolitan. Her AfD tent is pitched on the town square near a small beer garden. It's decorated with giant photos of lederhosen and dirndl-wearing couples dancing the polka, including a beaming portrait of Ebner-Steiner in Bavarian dress. They don't understand why our borders are broken.

All we want is to enforce law and order. These problems are all exacerbated by the migration crisis. The Greens party in Bavaria has surged in recent polling.