Stade Dortmund Single Party

Single party dortmund bierhaus stade

Andreas Kupfer of the Bavaria Lounge

Son of the owners of Beim Gloser in Windischeschenbach, Moritz Popp plans to open his own brewery in Pirk by the end of this year. It's in the village of Günthersbühl, north-west of Lauf.

Erlkönig in Bamberg is now known as Kronprinz. Bierwerk Gerstenfux opens on the first and third Saturday of each month. Amongst the breweries was Lengerbräu. Blue Cat only makes a Wiess an unfiltered Kölsch-style beer. The Ammerseer Brauhaus in Stegen closed last year.

Braustall opens for sales Friday evenings and hosts occasional festivals. Paul Lockwood Brauerei Winkler in Melkendorf has reopened under new ownership and is now called simply Brauerei Melkendorf. Just be warned it includes communal and future breweries as well as those currently operating.

It is available from wooden barrels in the nearby Schillerklause. Oorlam is on the western edge of Neustadt.

It's unclear whereMr Kennedy is a craft beer
Seine Hitsingle Maximal hat Ivo

Andreas Vilsmeier of Kalvarienbergbräu Poxau has been in touch. The majority of their beer he brews at Dreykorn in Lauf. It's unclear where his Eagle Ales are made but given the miniscule quantity produced I don't think he'd qualify as commercial. Lahma Bräu does hold occasional festivals but is not commercial.

The beer is not currently sold but has appeared at monastery festivals. Most of the beer sold there is from the Zötler range. They currently make a dunkel and a bock. The stuff they sell is actually made at Löwenbrauerei Bräunlingen. The building dates from but has never before been a pub, let alone a brewery.

Again, the question has been asked. Further information would be welcome.

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Mr Kennedy is a craft beer bar not far from the castle. Andreas Kupfer of the Bavaria Lounge in Ihrlerstein has told me a brewery is being installed behind the restaurant which should be completed this year. Seine Hitsingle Maximal hat Ivo selbst getextet. As such, I'll include them.

Lotteraner beers have been made there since March. Paul Lockwood Tübingen's Freistil only do trial brews on their own kit.

Stade dortmund single party

Andreas Vilsmeier of Kalvarienbergbräu Poxau has

The sole beer can be bought on these days and at various festivals through the year. He makes draught beers there but his bottled stuff comes from Hufeisen in Pottenstein.

Lahma Bräu does hold occasional festivals

In October it was acquired by Thomas Girg and although officially officially called Münchner Girgbräu, it trades as Haderner Bräu. Paulaner's tap on the Nockherberg has been rebuilt with a brewery.