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The construction principle providesGenerous windows onThese vertical gardens provideThe twelve units are composed ofAir ambulances from both

Generous windows on the front afford beautiful vistas of the nearby forest, the canal, and the nearby mountains. This made rescue work considerably more difficult because rescue workers had to be transported by boat and casualty extraction supported by air ambulance. With a delay of only four minutes, however, this action was not allowed. The third was still located in one of the wedged train carriages.

As a result, track workers and train drivers do have only one emergency channel, it is just the train dispatcher to have two. Each loft house has an interior winter garden which creates an intimate atmosphere while allowing daylight to enter into the depth of the building.

Nor did he radio to the train driver to proceed slowly under the unusual circumstances. There are sections in the rulebook on how and when it may be activated safely, but according to the local prosecutor, these rules were not adhered to. Each unit has its own garden to the south, a small green yard to the north, as well as roof terraces and balconies. Further options including a lift, additional partitioning elements, basement, etc. The long layouts with openings on two ends provide for optimal ventilation and natural light.

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Air ambulances from both Germany and Austria were used to transport the injured to hospitals. These vertical gardens provide for passive solar gains and ensure good summer ventilation while also creating visual connections between the floors. The twelve units are composed of four building types, all of which are characterized by an individual architectural language. The construction principle provides for an optimum flexibility regarding individual requirements and demands. This single menu item would combine the track maintaince emergency code and train emergency code functions.

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Their width and height conforms to the existing buildings east of the Quest Forum.