Choosing a Double- or Single-layer Hammock

Single hammock vs double

Your goal is to hammock camp as simple, light, and fast as possible. For most folks, a single-layer hammock will be all they will ever need. One of the best ways to use a pad in a hammock is to just put it inside your sleeping bag. You want the extra weight capacity a double layer provides.

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Because of the unique way an under quilt hangs below a hammock, most can be adjusted to provide more air flow. Benefits of a Single-layer Hammock Basic, single-layer hammocks are the backbone of any modular hammock camping system are commonly used for recreational lounging. Some hangers never use or plan to use an under quilt. For gram-weenies, having multiple quilts is more about saving pack weight than worrying about being too warm.

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This is true of sleeping bags and top quilts too. For some, too much stretching can be uncomfortable. Most sell standard sizes and have them in stock. It is simple and efficient. Adding a double layer of light fabric reduces the overall stretch, increases the comfort, and still keeps the pack weight lower than other options.

When ordering from a cottage vendor, plan time for shipping. They are compact, space-saving and can easily be placed in small rooms, on the patio or a balcony. If you are worried about using a pad, try the sleeping bag tip mentioned above or pick up my book to learn more tips on staying warm in a hammock without breaking the bank. An attached or separate bug net and a tarp makes a hammock a viable camping shelter. Gear junkies and folks who camp year-round or in extreme conditions may find it necessary to customize their gear closet to have a range of quilts for varying conditions.

Many cottage vendors who sell under quilts are not building them on-demand.

Your goal is to hammock camp

Most double-layer hammocks are built without gusseting, making the layers absolutely flush once weight is applied. You want the lightest hammock available that still supports your weight and comfort needs. The Warbonnet Blackbird hammocks can be ordered with either a single or double layer depending on user preference, which is usually due to the increased weight capacity of the double-layer versions.

Many bridge-style camping hammocks, like the Warbonnet Ridgerunner shown here, include a pad sleeve that is an ideal match for a sleeping pad. The larger cottage vendors like HammockGear. If you choose a double-layer hammock to hold a pad, be sure to check if it has a pad sleeve, two true layers, or gusseting to ensure your insulation of choice will work. Your options are almost unlimited, especially if you choose a cottage vendor who can make a custom hammock to fit your size, fabric choice, and suspension options.

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This keeps the pad in place even better than a double-layer hammock because the pad always moves where you do. No matter whether you occupy it alone, with another person or even with two others at the same time, the family hammock is unparalleled when comfort is concerned.