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He also succeeded Rogers as the

Despite the company's initial hesitation, the campaign produced a huge increase in distribution and sales. He often found himself paired with Mel Blanc while at Warner Bros. Freberg strikes a pose, The popularity of Freberg's recordings landed him his own program, the situation comedy That's Rich. Marsha is played by Dianne Curtis.

Toppersmith character and the voice of the puppet Papa Boolie. On his radio show, an extended sketch paralleled the Cold War brinkmanship between the U. The satirical show, which featured elaborate production, included most of the team he used on his Capitol recordings, including Foray, Leeds, and Butler. In it, Freberg parodied both large and small aspects of history. Hackett's Consolidated Paper Products Company.

Both recordings eventually surfaced on a box-set Freberg retrospective issued by Rhino Records. Butler does several voices on that record. Billy May arranged and conducted the music.

Freberg costarred with Mala Powers in Geraldine as sobbing singer Billy Weber, enabling him to reprise his satire on vocalist Johnnie Ray see below. Coyote, the father of Wile E. Sheep slowly munch on a front lawn.

Yankovic has acknowledged Freberg as one of his greatest influences. This set includes some parts written but cut because they would not fit on a record album. He also succeeded Rogers as the voice of Beaky Buzzard. Ten years later, you get hauled up before a committee. In one case, the woman was an alien, making the couple John and Martian.

The show was produced by Pete Barnum. In the parody, the orchestra is overwhelmed by the malfunctioning bubble machine and the entire Aragon Ballroom eventually floats out to sea. As a boy he must have had a loose bicycle seat. To replicate Welk's sound, May and some of Hollywood's finest studio musicians and vocalists worked to clone Welk's live on-air style, carefully incorporating bad notes and mistimed cues.

He felt a truly funny commercial would cause consumers to request a product, as was the case with his elaborate ad campaign that prompted stores to stock Salada tea. Wilt, a resident of Hope Springs, where he worked for B.

Freberg describes being called in for a chat with Robert Karp, the department head, and being asked whether he had ever belonged to any group that might get attention from McCarthy. The boy in these commercials is Freberg's son Donavan. He walked in, and the agents there arranged for him to audition for Warner Brothers cartoons where he was promptly hired. Freberg talks to him from off screen.

Yankovic has acknowledged