Double exponential function

Single exponential decay equation

This will put a least-squares fit on the graph and give the slope. It is obvious because we have used the electrical parameters of normal liver. This applies to both charging and discharging, i.

There are two aspects

In comparison with muscle contractions when a muscle relaxant is used, they evaluated the contractions as similar. However, it is known that the electrical conductivity of electroporated tissue changes after electroporation Sel et al. We have also shown that this motion occurs primarily during the later pulses in a series of pulse experiments, when the electrolytically produced gas layer becomes substantial. In fact, the muscle contraction was negligible, and at times unnoticeable. The panels show the formalin embedded samples, sectioned in a plane that is transverse to the centers of the two electrodes.

Our single exponential decay pulse, while generating product of electrolysis, eliminates the violent electrical discharge across that gas layer. The calculated electrical field norm is displayed in Fig. Add a title, labels and units to your chart.

Hepatocytes both at

Note that the large blood vessels are open and unaffected. Pick X-Y Scatter Plot and take the default option. Most of these fall into the domain of the natural sciences.

We believe that the effect we observed is related to the electrical discharge across electrolytically produced layer of gas around the electrodes. It is found that many administered substances are distributed and metabolized see clearance according to exponential decay patterns. Go to a computer and open Microsoft Excel. Here we see that the cells are not affected by the treatment. Fitting Exponential Decay Exponential decay is a very common process.

The lesion is continuous between electrodes at this level. However, secondary effects like thin layers of burned tissue, can cause insulation and hence disrupt the ideal exponential decay. The dark blue zone around that region Figs. The violent discharge is eliminated, because by the time a large layer of gas has formed near the electrode, the potential at the electrode is below the value that can induce electrical breakdown.

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An overdamped system will simply return to equilibrium via an exponential decay. The R-squared number should be close to one.

The electric charge or, equivalently, the potential contained in a capacitor capacitance C changes exponentially, if the capacitor experiences a constant external load resistance R. Hepatocytes both at the cathode Fig. There are two aspects to notice in Figs.

An overdamped system will

The decline in resistance of a Negative Temperature Coefficient Thermistor as temperature is increased. The decay product is termed a radiogenic nuclide. The macroscopic image taken from a plane between the center of the two electrodes Fig. This is the part of the treated tissue in which the lowest electric fields and lowest temperatures occur. On the other hand, humans are attuned to straight lines.