Scales Of Justice Vector

Let the text interact with the scales image. Money, cash and finance icons. Color box icon, law scale illustration, icon. Law and justice symbols composition.

Scales of justice, gavel symbol. Golden scales vintage background.

To turn your image into a completely personalized logo, add your firm name in color in a font you choose to represent your firm. Make sure that your logo follows that color scheme. Scales of justice and gavel on sounding block, object and law book to working with judge.

Royalty-Free (RF) Scales Of Justice Clipart & Illustrations 2

Justice Scales

Legal scale of justice icon rawpixel. Advocacy vector icons set for legal justice lawyer.

Justice scales lawyer logo. Pictograph of justice scales icon.

Royalty Free Scales of justice Vector

Libra vector Judge's Gavel and scales of justice. Pictograph of justice scales. Illustration of law concept rawpixel. Vector justice scales icon.

Vector set of gold and silver scales of justice. Law enforcement and criminal justice symbol. Illustration of a weighing scale rawpixel.

Black libra isolated on white scales Scales of justice. Justice scales vector icon.

Vector icon of justice scales. You may choose to use your firm name completely or an abbreviation.

The scales of justice are like the law equivalent of what the red cross symbol is to first aid. Male lawyer or judge counselor having team meeting with client freedomz.

Make the text multi-dimensional. In Photoshop, drop shadows are standard. Web icon set - scales, weighing, weight, balance. Justice silver metallic colorful vector web and mobile phone icon set Business and office icons - vector icon set Judge's Gavel and scales of justice.

Symbols on eight colored buttons. Practice Management Comparison. After visiting enough law firm websites or getting enough business cards from other attorneys, you tend to notice the patterns.

Royalty Free Scales of justice Vector

They suggest to the viewer that this attorney believes in justice and the U. Isolated on white background colorful silhouette of justice scales Weigh scales icons set. Vector set of juridical and legal logos. Doing it in Microsoft office is almost effortless.

You will want something professional, but not tried. There can be a balance with the Scales of Justice, though pardon the pun. Vector illustration Law and Justice, Legality concept, Scales of Justice and handcuffs on a black wooden background. Your website and law firm name should utilize a particular color scheme. Notary, justice, lawyer icon or symbol.

So now you have a tweaked Scales of Justice. Justice concept set of symbols. Vector Scales of justice icon on a white background Scales of justice line icon concept. Law or Lawyer Seal With Banner. Justice scales in vector silhouette.

Justice Scales

Unbalanced scales of justice sketch. Last but not least, add depth to the text. Gold is a common color for the scale image, so it should be permissible, right? Enter your log in email address and we'll send you a link to reset your password. Scale of justice symbol - sword.

Scales of justice vector image

But, bridge making game the Scales of Justice are a tad plain on their own. Vector set of law scales icons. Vector illustration of justice scales icon. Justice simbol Illustrated.

Vector illustration of justice scales

Vector illustration of justice scales

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Vector Scales of justice icon with shadow on beige background Law and justice editable line icons vector set on black background. The download is working but it's very slow. Law office, firm or company vertical banners. Free Download Software Comparison.

Scales Justice Scale - Free vector graphic on Pixabay

Scales Justice Scale - Free vector graphic on Pixabay

Here is a Photoshop tutorial to achieving that reflection effect on your logo. Legal, law and justice icons.