Sandra speichert single

Sandra speichert single

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Both songs were synthpop up-tempo offerings and met with considerable charts success in Europe. However, the album was a modest chart success internationally and received warm response.

The release did not chart. Sandra subsequently took up performing live again and began working on her next album. However, the following year she participated in recording two songs for Enigma's third album.

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Shortly after the release of The Long Play, Sandra moved to London for six months, where she worked with singing instructor Helena Shelen and took drumming lessons to practice her timing. They found that they share the same birthday, albeit five years apart, and became good friends.

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However, the song failed to enter any charts and only copies of the single were sold. The album saw a new writer-producer Jens Gad working alongside Michael Cretu and consisted of mostly pop-oriented material. The single, however, performed poorly on charts at that time dominated by disco mania. Sandra and Michael married in January and relocated from Munich to the Spanish island Ibiza to work on what would be Sandra's third studio album.

For the first time, Michael Cretu did not participate in recording the album, as he was reportedly busy with new Enigma recordings, instead letting Jens Gad produce the entire work. At that time Sandra met a keyboardist named Michael Cretu. Sandra and Michael Cretu, at that point already romantically involved, moved to Munich, where Michael created his own studio, Data-Alpha, named after a song from his solo album Legionäre. The same year, Sandra contributed vocals for Enigma's Voyageur album, which would mark the last time she worked with the project.