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That also helped us to finish the book faster. Pharmacology Mcq Book Free Download urlin. One main thing is the timing. Also the most obvious of all things is maintaining an optimum level of confidence and a belief that you can make it though. Do you already have an account?

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This is such an informative post. The collection is cost effective and spares you the discomfort of shelling too much on coaching institutes and inconsequential material. As for Harrison, if u have read during your profs, it would certainly give you an edge.

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But if you chase two rabbits at the same time, it is certain that you are going to miss both. If you feel disheartened, then it is as good as losing the battle without picking up the arms. Important topics are first or something like that pages. You now have an idea of how much you have to score. Topics that should be stressed are genetics obviously!

Write the details on the rough sheet and work systematically. Your interference is always welcome! Newer Post Older Post Home. Try to recollect the questions.

Always keep on visiting this website. Just do previous years, mcqs and also do from Sure Success Ramgopal. Most wished for Previous page. From what I infer, it is very similar to Salgunan. In fact, the constant threat that the answer may be wrong ensures that we find the reference and the flipping of pages to find the correct answer makes a lot of memorising in the process.

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But I think I was good in theory but not great. It was really nice of u for all the help and also for encouragement.

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Spend more time on the subjects in which you are weak. Bacteriology has be done thoroughly in my view. You may take some more or some less time depending upon your level of preparation. This is the subject i never did all through my preparation! Having a great grasp on theory always helps.

You are not expected to answer that. You can avail from a list of payment options in order to fulfil your order ranging from Cash on Delivery, to credit card, debit card, and many more. If you chase a single rabbit, you can hope to catch it. Use nelson for refreance purpose as and when required. These come really handy for last day revision before the exam.

Ypu can also do Mahajan for biostats. You have to make sure that you don get too carried away with writing more and more as it will just waste your time and you may not be able to revise the whole things in one day before the exam. Best of luck all of you my friends. Click to join the Mailing List.

Keep things under check and try to build confidence. Dhingra will do for most of the questions. Chuna Mandi Paharganj, New Delhi. Its bombards questions in a haphazard manner, without any partition into chapters and topics. It is not easy to sacrifice everything else sometimes a personal vacation or midnight sleep and fully devote oneself to the patients.

Kay, Salgunan and parihar are bit different -some qs that are there in Parihar are not in Salgunan and vice versa. If u done with them, than you can do salgunan. Therefore, if Parihar is equally good, then it can replace Salgunan. You can download Books, basha mp3 songs telugu notes and mcqs.

My username in many accounts? So please help with ur guidance. Most gifted Previous page. But personally I never read it. So I think this aspect is a boon in a sense.

Create your website today. Earlier i read about u from that website but now again i am confused. There are a lot of factors which decide your micro plan for cracking the exam, but the most important factor is time.

Contact us about this page. So if you do your Salgunan properly, chances are that you will be thorough in basics.

This one is the question that Bruno answered. You have to identify which subjects made you suffer during your profs or during your previous attempt s.

Practicing mock papers and giving ample time to revision is always a good thing. Eligible for Pay On Delivery. No, create an account now.