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Wesker acquires a retractable one after the T-virus begins overpowering him. Even while he's gloating, tanging awit ang dating daan he never raises his voice above a conversational tone or is completely smug about his plans. Luther West seems to serve as the de facto leader of the survivors.

Bennett does this unintentionally with Alice's propeller airplane. Alice rarely settles for a single gun. He gets vivisected by the Executioner. The mentions of K-Mart and Chris are this, even if the latter has a large part in the film. Wesker cures Alice's T-Virus infection at the start of the film.

Regenerating from the huge explosion at the beginning of the film caused an imbalance in Wesker's T-Virus mutation. He also needs to eat people to keep his upgrade in check, as opposed to giving himself regular shots. Wesker outflies the massive detonation that destroys Umbrella's Tokyo base and much of the city above it. The above-mentioned mook wielding two assault rifles against a Alice clone.

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In the fourth film, Umbrella's corporate headquarters in Tokyo is consumed in an expanding plasma fireball to contain an infestation of Alice clones. Luther and Crystal hate Bennett, who thinks he still has privileges due to his pre-outbreak status in Hollywood. Sure he lasts only a few seconds longer than his colleagues but he died like a badass.

Wesker is implied to be this to Alice. It's to show the mind control spider thingy. Played with a bit in that guns can be emptied of bullets.

Alice's assault leaves her without the T-Virus in her system, but also finishes off the larger remnants of Umbrella and leaves chairman Albert Wesker for dead. Raccoon City is destroyed by missile strike to purge the infection and cover up the evidence. Alice and Chris only take a single bag full of weapons with them, and they're either Throwaway Guns or dropped with explosives for some reason. It's kind of scary to imagine what state he was in when he ate Bennett to restore the balance.

Wesker asks a guard on his monitor if he's seen anything. The Umbrella minions aboard the Arcadia jump ship when they learn their boss is eating people. Toyed with, but ultimately subverted. The guard tells him all is quiet before spewing blood and then his image cuts out. Considering what Wesker does with Umbrella in the game series, it's notably averted with Wesker in the film series, as he notably doesn't even attempt to backstab Umbrella for more power.

Even when deprived of her powers Alice kicks all sorts of ass. In a desperate attempt to destroy Umbrella once and for all, Alice carries out a large-scale assault on the corporation's Tokyo headquaters. The Executioner and the Majini appear out of nowhere, although it's subtly implied Wesker is responsible for them. Earlier, Alice hears a sound when she's about to take a shower, only to find someone trying to perve on her.

Umbrella loves these things. Alice's quarters aren't for arcade games. Not to mention the bomb casing is somehow so light it can be carried by a person. It is not possible to use quarters as a substitute for shotgun ammo. Bennett receives one courtesy of Wesker.

Nobody is the least bit curious where a ten-foot-tall zombie thing that can use an axe came from. However, everyone just tosses them and gets new ones out of the bottomless bags from the armory, except for Alice's dual shotguns, which are only fired once per gun per action sequence anyway. Additionally, she quickly shrugs off being impaled through the wrist by a large blade during the fight with Wesker on the Arcadia. The nuclear device Wesker detonates at the start of the film isn't the only one Umbrella made.

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Sinopsis Resident Evil

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The final mook in the opening fight picking up a second assault rifle and goes Guns Akimbo on the Alice clone. Alice jumping off an exploding rooftop while holding onto a cable for dear life could be seen as a Die Hard reference.

Revolvers are used frequently throughout the film, but the only time anyone is ever seen reloading them is when Alice and Chris are in the armory. Bennett and Crystal qualify, since they were a movie producer and a struggling actress, respectively, before the T-Virus outbreak. Umbrella's security chief finds this out the hard way when Wesker executes him for not following orders.

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Subverted at the end, when he tries to play this straight outrunning a similar detonation on the Arcadia, only to realize too late that Alice's group had moved the bomb onto his own escape vehicle. Then Majini attack anyway. The message for any survivors to come to Arcadia falls under this. There's one for Retribution. Wesker is badass enough to survive his own nuking.

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Afterlife is the fourth installment in the live-action Resident Evil film series. This isn't for zombies anymore.

Luther manages to survive being ambushed in the tunnels. The refuge Alice and her friends are looking for is called Arcadia. You should have brought more.

Screw This, I'm Outta Here! It's not till Alice knocks her out damaging the mind control spider that she realises who Claire is.

The Majini attack before she even gets her clothes off. Wesker is wonderfully slimy. Wesker, in a weird inversion. Emphasized in that his mutations seem to intensify with each otherwise-lethal blow he sustains during the final fight.

Kim receives one due to him reluctantly helping Bennett and hesitating jumping into the sewer during the escape. It takes place four years after the global T-Virus outbreak as described in Extinction.