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To avoid this, you could either place no infotrons in the level at all, even not as decoration, or you could place one infotron somewhere you can't get it and set the number of infotrons to one. Watch out when they are falling, for they smash you when they hit your head!

This is the Sokoban-kind-of element in Supaplex. For now in developer builds only. Murphy, our hero, is an orange who likes tasty infotrons. Snik Snaks are always there where you do not want them! To succeed you will need to turn back just when the Snik Snak enters the tile adjacent to you.

Supaplex (Classic)

Imagine Murphy with a zonk on his head. Supaplex Editor view screenshot.

If the game freezes in Windows, song kya khoob lagti ho badi sundar the game is probably not supported by your Windows version or by your computer itself. Igor can be found among the other games on the Commercial Windows Clones page and in the History section on the Main page. See the Commercial Windows Clones page for more information about this game.

Each folder contains all files of one of the eight disks. There you will see all characters that can appear in the game. If you are too late, the zonk will destroy Murphy, just as it would normally do.

Wait until the orange disk falls into the tile above you, and then quickly move one or more if you want tile s down. You can edit additional level data e. The very first Supaplex fan site.

Freeze Ports are a third kind of Ports, which also look the same in the game. And when you start the game again, it will stretch again!


The untouched version, formerly distributed on seven floppies and the uncompressed portable bundle for instant usage. So a final check would not be bad. To make hidden files invisible which you should do immediately after you've deleted the Player.

Under certain circumstances see demo it is possible to prevent the disk from falling, enabling Murphy to push it over what was previously a gap. Then all chained explosions will generate Infotrons.

Compiler QuickBASIC QBX Visual Basic for DOS

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Qbasic for windows 7

If you are too early, the Snik Snak will not turn around. Supaplex Level - Editor view screenshot. Besides the normal Ports there are also Gravity Ports. Wait until a Snik Snak is close, and then run away quickly.

In that case, the tile underneath it, will be occupied by a deadly, invisible wall. They can seem like they are falling, but not moving.

With this program you can just say which demo you want to see. One or more of the Supaplex data files are corrupted.

This may not be useful, but fun nevertheless. This can be used to your advantage. The box above this one shows the rankings of different players.

It's an editor with many possibilities. Just place the red disk, and press the up arrow when Murphy drops it. Download this game from the Download section. In that game or tool you can load Supaplex levels and record demos.


Imagine Murphy standing above a hole, and to his left and above are zonks. Its authors are Michael W. So this kept me on my toe for the next months. Wildcard can be contained in file name only, not in the path.