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But after Gul-e-Bakawli, abba songs karaoke there was someone in Noor Jehan's life. Choodi Khanke Roz Noor Jehan. Kehndey Ne Naina Noor Jehan.

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The only brother of two sisters and close to his mother, Hamza would eat whatever meals were cooked at home but did particularly enjoy burgers and karhai gosht. He wanted to be a doctor and open a hospital for the poor.

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For the most part, Nangyal Tariq was a somber boy but he would on occasion crack jokes to make his family members laugh. Giving by nature, Bilal often convinced his father to give him money so that he could treat his less-privileged friends to a nice restaurant.

She sang playback for Urdu and Punjabi films during the following two decades that included a large number of hit musical films with hundreds of memorable songs, many of those are among classics. Later, when an infuriated teacher asked who did it, Abdul owned up to the mischief and paid a fine for the act. Proud of Azaan, his family regards him as a brave boy. He wanted to join the Pakistan Army but his parents wished for him to become a doctor instead.

Be it a Spelling Bee or excellence in Arts, Baqir was an extraordinary student. His wife says he was a wonderful husband and also a loving and responsible father.

Somehow he made it out alive. When the army launched an operation in Swat, Saeed invited three displaced people into his home and gave them food and shelter for three months. He believed in living a modest existence and never asked his parents for more money than was required.

Adil and his siblings watched Doraemon together, his favourite cartoon. She loved to teach and learn.

Are you sure you want to continue? He had a curious mind and enjoyed research and reading about things. Sometimes in the winter, he would tease his grandmother by switching the fan on and removing her blanket.

He had to be the man of the house. He dreamt of opening a hospital that treated the poor free of charge. According to his father he was a good speaker, writer and reader.

He was close to his father, and would often discuss his passion for science and research with him. Remembered by her daughters as their best friend, Sofia Hijab was a devoted mother and a hard-working teacher.

If anything happens, I would not let you down before anyone. Aimal made it to the point regularly serve meals to the poor, and during Ramazan, he would make sure all police checkposts in his area were delivered a ration for Iftar.

May the Lord have mercy on us all. He stayed by the door making sure everyone was evacuated.

Unlike most boys his age, Asfand liked being solitary and would spend most of his free time in his room. He had a superb memory and wanted to put it to good use by becoming a doctor. His brothers says Ishaq enjoyed watching English movies, particularly horror films or those relating to combat and war heroes. He had big dreams for his son.

He was very close to Taif, who is just a year older than him. Regarded as an inspiring teacher, Shahnaz was also a loving wife and a devoted mother who managed family life just as well. He idolized cricketer Shahid Afridi and would try to emulate his style. Her students say she was a wonderful teacher and that her command over the English language was impressive. Hamza was also fond of travelling outside the city and would visit Nathia Gali once a month.

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While he loved to read books, his favourite pastime was playing video games. He would spend hours watching videos of fighter jets and had learned all the names of the aircrafts.

He loved watching military videos. Latest Hindi Songs Lyrics. Automatically playing similar songs.

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He shares that after one of Daud's classmates mentioned his father had passed away, Daud would take extra pocket money every day to help his friend. His parents shifted from their village to Peshawar so Fahid could get a good education.

Chandni Raaten sab Jaag soye -Noor Jehan

However, riding bikes was his favourite past-time. Son of Nargis Begum and Lt. His room is full of certificates and medals.

She says the guilt haunts her and that she misses her boy very much. Salam to the team especially reporters who work hard day and night to collect the materials. Sadly enough, the most painful goodbyes are the ones that are left unsaid and never explained!

He played the game well and even won several awards. The day of the attack, Saima rushed into the auditorium to save injured students. His father remembers how Tanveer would also help his mother out in house chores and was a source of support to all members of the family.