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Hagen was anUpon graduating she joined the band

She then went on a world tour with the No Problem Orchestra. In she toured Europe in support of her new album Street. Hagen submitted an application to leave the country.

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Two songs from her first album Nina Hagen Band were on the A side, and two songs from her second album Unbehagen were on the B-side. Meanwhile, Hagen's public persona was steadily creating media uproar. In she collaborated with German hip hop musician Thomas D. The talk show host, Dieter Seefranz, had to step down following this controversy.

Her label advised her to acclimatise herself to Western culture through travel, and she arrived in London during the height of the punk rock movement. Her paternal grandfather died in the Sachsenhausen concentration camp her father was Jewish. In she was a part of the Popstars team. Brood and Hagen would have a long romantic relationship that would end when Hagen could no longer tolerate Brood's drug abuse.

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The following year, she released Revolution Ballroom. All four songs were sung in German, although two had English titles and the other two were covers of English-language songs with new German lyrics.

Upon graduating, she joined the band Automobil. The other band members, sans Hagen, soon developed a successful independent musical career as Spliff. Hagen was an active protester against the war in Iraq. In she had a relationship with french make-up artist Franck Chevalier which yielded their son, Otis Chevalier-Hagen b.