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He, then, comes to know that his friends have been murdered. From Sam's scream Tiger comes to know that Lucky is doomed. The music was applauded by critics and audience for being experimental and different. However, the poison is adulterated and Bhanu wakes up when the entire family is mourning. Tiger, however, manages to escape by making Sam his hostage.

The family is happy and they move to another city vacating the house. The next inhabitants are a barrister and his widowed sister Uma Usha Kiron. Slowly, Raja reaches the final stage and Uma takes care of him.

Although there is sadness in the home, Bhanu, with his wit and humour, maintains a light atmosphere for his sister-in-law. She does pull him off the tracks before the train could reach him.

The next tenants in the house is a family headed by an old man Nazir Hussain. Like the previous tenants, this family also hears the sound of a violin in the night.

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The film is about a house and the lives of three families who live in it, so in essence it is three stories linked by the house. Initially, Uma is very uncomfortable with this bonding, but slowly she accepts it.

When her husband, Lukka Mahesh Manjrekar shows up, they retrieve her car from the road, and go home. But Lucky is able to strike a deal. He again comes across Lukka. That night Lucky arrives in a disco to meet Jacko again. After going a short distance, he stops and drops the bag to ground in a brief act of generosity and then goes away.

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Finally, Shakuntala and her husband go with them and vacate the house. We come to know that Raja is suffering from cancer and the dreaded disease is in its advanced stages. The next morning she is nowhere to be found.

Musafir full movie

Lucky desperately searches her and when he finally finds her he realises that he has fallen in love with her. Vishal-Shekhar and Anand Raj Anand.

At gunpoint Lucky agrees to take Billa to the place where the money is hidden. But their meeting is cut short when Lucky notices the same inspector. The music of the film was composed by Vishal-Shekhar. Here he again comes across Sam.

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Lucky, however, gets the money and both try to get out of Goa. Sam arrives at Lucky's hotel to meet him. Bhanu also hears the violin and when asks about it from the tea-vendor is told about Pagla Babu.

Billa smiles and rides away on his bike. Hindi-language films films s Hindi-language films Indian films Hindi film scores by Salil Chowdhury Directorial debut films Films directed by Hrishikesh Mukherjee. By the time Inspector leaves, the vehicle with the money is gone.

Uma has a small handicapped son Daisy Irani. Suddenly they are attacked by Inspector Tiger with his police force.

We see that the seed which Shakuntala sowed has germinated. The landlord David helps the couple move to the rented house. He tells Sam to hide and hides the bag of money in the vehicle of an unsuspecting motorist. Since the couple had eloped, Shakuntala wanted that her parents-in-law accept her as their daughter-in-law.

The problems of the family increase as Bhanu fails to get a job landing the family in dire consequences. Ritwik Ghatak Hrishikesh Mukherjee.

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There is a clash between them. Something similar happened with Shakuntala Suchitra Sen and her husband. Directorate of Film Festivals. But he is promptly shot dead by Billa because Billa notices the bracelet that was on Tiger's wrist that belonged to his now dead comrade. Lucky is running out of ammunition when Billa arrives and shoots down all the police officers.

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Meanwhile, Billa tracks down Lara, gets the money back and kills her. The daughter-in-law is pregnant and we are told that her husband had just died. Both Lucky and Tiger have to walk on two parallel railway tracks blindfolded. Lucky somehow shakes Tiger off his pursuit, and hides the money.

He then meets Jacko and sets a rendezvous. While Billa hides the fact that he has his money back, koi dost hai na raqeeb hai Lucky hides that he has lost the money. He takes off his blindfold and waves a farewell at Lucky. On his return to his hotel he comes across a Police inspector Aditya Pancholi who seems to have become suspicious of Lucky. It was the eighth highest grossing Hindi film of the year.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. In between, Shakuntala plants some seeds in the garden. The music is by Salil Chowdhury. If Lucky survives then he will get the girl while Billa will take the money, but if Tiger is saved he gets the money and Billa will take the girl.

In a small restaurant he sights a dancer Sam Sameera Reddy. On knowing about Raja, Uma's brother is furious. Unfortunately for him, things do not go as planned and he becomes involved with a ruthless killer Billa Sanjay Dutt.