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Wrote in French and Catalan. Till Death Do Us Part which chronicled the murder of his wife. Teaches English and translates scripts. Brother of Maria Margarida b. Refused to watch films made by other directors.

Has two daughters with Maria Edite b. Has a daughter with Rita named Alice. After his death, the track where he won was named in his honor. Was a cinema director, a writer and a painter.

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Is currently one of the most popular and best paid French actors. Has one daughter and four sons.

Famous Spanish poet known for his imaginary poetry and raspy voice. Worked as a lumberjack, diver, mountain guide and coal miner. Nowadays, he is one of the main actors of Globo's cast. Works in drama and comedies. Palmeiro, Schilling and McGwire accused Canseco of lying.

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Founder of Miami, Florida's Camillus Health Concern, a downtown clinic that treats the poor and homeless. The injury required surgery. The guide talks about cars, fashion, accessories, yachts, as well as other exclusive luxury items. Immigrated to Mexico in as a refugee from the Spanish civil war. Friends with sir Alex Ferguson.

Police said Canseco grabbed a club patron by the neck, punched him and broke his nose. He is one of the top directors in India with already four State Awards under his kitty for his films. Was a singer and a popular one-man-show in the late seventies and early eighties, travelling through Portugal and abroad, for Portuguese groups of emigrants.

Son-in-law of Regina Abreu and Helcio Varella. Awarded the Nobel Peace prize with joint recipient, Bishop Belo.

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For several years, he also sang in the theater chorus. His family has been involved in four popular science fiction series. Father of Ana Sofia Pedroso Cid b.

His father is a doctor and his mother is a pharmacist. He's the President of the European Comission present. Argentinian tenor of worldwide fame. He studied business studies, politics and economics in Rio de Janeiro, followed by English literature and international politics in Oxford. Has a stepdaughter named Joana, selena gomez and david henrie are they dating from Fernanda's first marriage.

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His ex-partner, Sofia Pinto Coelho b. Currently resides with his wife Sara Salazar in Miami, Florida.

Was a big fan of Flamengo, Brazilian most popular football club. McGwire refused to answer questions while Sosa and Palmeiro denied using steroids.

Apart from that, Lal Jose is also famous for inviting sufficient attention to improvised editing techniques employed in his films, always open to improvise the same based on the theme of the film. Has a daughter called Daniela b. He is the brother of Vadhir Derbez and Aislinn Derbez.

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