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Panchavadi Palam

There is also trouble from the opposition party members led by Ishak Tharakan which somehow wanted to upset their plan. As a compromise step, both groups agree to relocate the bridge to a distant location so that not only a new bridge, craigflower pump station tinder dating site a new road also will be needed to reach the bridge. The essence of his works is severe social criticism mixed up with humour.

The writer never spared any religion and corruption has brought them all together. This politician Dussasana Kuruppu Bharath Gopi is the president of the village. Meanwhile there was a rumor that the ruling party is going to lose majority. He gave the tender to Panchayat President. Pillai decided to bring an executive engineer to inspect the bridge.

This has become the talk of the town. The party was thrown out and new ministry has taken power.

The only audience was Kathorayan. The guy would have ceased to be Dushassana Kurup had Gopy delivered the speech even half-a-pitch lower. But Pillai and Kurup are going ahead with their plan of demolishing the bridge and start constructing the new bridge. Ultimately the bridge is built and opened to public on the same day of the marriage of Dussasana Kurup's daughter and the Bridge contractor. Jeemudhavahanan who is the son of the corrupt contractor Pavalose was willing to build the bridge and also was ready to marry Panchali.

The prophetic insight of celebrated avant-garde filmmaker of Malayalam cinema K. He wrote more than books in Malayalam.

The president got into the stampede and came home with bruises all over. The opposition leader Ishak Tharakan Thilakan makes moves to thwart this and to capture the position of the village presidency. Then We meet the tea vendor Jahangir who regularly uses the bridge. Habel acts like a spy giving information to Ishak Tharakan now and then.

What they feared came true. He along with his other members tries to demolish the bridge on advice of his fellow party member, his right hand and crooked mind Sikhandi Pillai Nedumudi Venu. Mandodhari is equally selfish but very cunning and more greedy than her husband. Actually the President was scared to demolish a good bridge but Mandodhari supported Sikandi and the members Rahel and Habel were backing them fully. The marriage function is attended by many including the minister of state for public works department.

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The film ends by showing the broken bridge in the background. They arranged for a welcoming ceremony to show others that the new minister is on their side but he never cared for them. Kurup secretly went and met the minister. This way they can get more revenue by forming many companies and getting tenders and amaze wealth. This man is intellectually challenged.

The bridge matter will be kept as secret. The two tenders, one for bridge and one for road is given to two local contractors, one belongs to the ruling party and the other one supported by opposition. He was arrested by the police but soon was out with the influence of Pillai and Kurup. He actually curses the bridge and wanted to take revenge on the poor narrow bridge. Anyway he sanctioned the tender to Kurup.

George would have made a very thrilling political satire from such a dry subject. Poor Kathorayan who is the only admirer of these politicians is also the only victim of this calamity.

He bribed Jahangir and asked him to damage a small portion of the bridge with a stone and go and spread the rumor that the bridge is in danger. His family consists of his dominant wife Mandodhari and daughter Panchali.

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