Karaoke Collection

The Mega Karaoke Collection

Yes blank headers and footers will exist in the Excel versions for you to edit. How much disc space will the collection take up when I un compress the archives? It is mostly just bad bit torrent habits. The next part or Vol will be uploaded to all the major public torrent sites once the previous Vol is well seeded and can survive on its own. Many Karaoke only players are just not up to the job requirements for professional presenters.

Go look at any commercial Karaoke download portal and see the prices they charge for bulk Karaoke start up collections! Why do you upload the whole collection every year and not just the parts or songs which have changed since last time?

The Mega Karaoke Collection - Karaoke

Full marks go to you people for not only do you get the Karaoke quicker, tupac images but you help to speed everyone else up in the swarm too with your upload as you download from the swarm. The collection now offers multiple Karaoke Label Choice for on the more popular tunes.

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Can I make a new torrent from all or part of this collection and call it my own? Once this collection is out there every year, it is public domain. What is the point of such a large project on Bit Torrent?

Try just for once running only the wanted download and stopping all the rest and see how that works on a well seeded torrent like these. Thank you for such a fine share. Let's make the year of faster and not slower average swarm speeds. You seem to have a bee in your bonnet over slow download speeds.

Rigmar Karaoke Collection

If you had an account on forum. Bit torrent clients and computers in General do not handle large numbers of open or half open individual files very well. Slow or dial up download speeds will not be tolerated. Am I doing something wrong? Together let's make the year slow download speeds are a thing of the past.

Every downloading torrent opens up at least two upload slots and often a lot more. Those peers who do not know how to torrent and can not download at sensible speeds also can not as a rule upload to the swarm and are nothing but leeches. When people download very slowly from a swarm it is because they can not upload to fellow peers in that swarm. What is that all about and why should I care? Selecting the wrong kind of source?

You do not require an internet connection to play back this collection as you will have the physical data on your hard drive. Each seeding torrent and every download takes a part of your tiny upload bandwidth away from the swarm until you have none left to give. Your account is still active and your Suprbay username and password will work. This job is on going as it takes a long time.

Re Seed requests will only be handled at the end of the collection as I will require all my upload bandwidth to seed the current torrent. Bit torrent standards have been in decline for some years now. Best print double sided using a commercial printer for best results.

Any other info will be posted here as the collection goes on. Is this the largest bit torrent project ever? Then until the next volume becomes available, I seed the last three I downloaded. Placing over files in a single Archive reduces the file count to just one, solving that particular problem.

Hopefully this collection will spread around the World and put a stop to this nonsense. This however is possibly the fastest to download each day.

The Mega Karaoke Collection

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