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Perhaps, you may simply want to repair it. In extreme circumstances, you may need to restore your iPhone in order for it to become useful for you again. Also, in the settings menu there is an option to hide iCloud music on your iphone, have you unchecked that? Many songs were flagged with a cloud.

It's a pain but it fixes the problems. They aren't even duplicates, they're random songs that aren't on that playlist! It's much easies, much more time-saving, and much safer to use. Only one purchased song from my iPhone. They still keep coming back.

How to Restore iPhone 5/5s without iTunes

Where are these songs stored? This is pretty important to ensure that your private data does not get in the wrong hands.

Not only do the extra songs eat up memory, but, if I wanted them, I would have selected them. Many of these songs are songs I deleted from everything I can find. This is especially so if you have data on the iPhone that you still want to use afterwards. How do you avoid this and ensure your iPhone is restore to factory settings permanently with iMyFone Umate Pro. Because those count as audio files in iTunes on your computer and those don't sync across to your phone, which might explain your issue.

Once you have launched iTunes, select Check for updates from Help menu and upgrade it if there is a new version. Sure enough, they were on the iPhone even though they were not in the Playlist.

How to Restore iPhone 5/5c/5s to Factory Settings with iTunes

Why Can't I select which songs go on my iPhone? It's like it got stuck somewhere in between.

If the iTunes library isn't the place where the songs are stored, truck games for pc where are they stored? Restoring your device to iTunes does not mean all your data is permanently gone. If the issue persists then I would try backing up your phone to iTunes and restoring it from the backup.

This is really frustrating. If there is backing info stored on your device, click the Security Level and choose High Level, before your click Erase Now.

Connect your iPhone to your computer and click on the device tab on the iTunes. The cloud songs are sill there. Then select your iPhone when it appears on iTunes. Now, I clearly remember purchasing more than one song over the iPhone, so I went looking for them. That is, the iPhone was storing songs that I didn't include on my Playlist.

However, restoring your iPhone always involves risks that you may lose important data. In the iPhone itself, there are songs. Before you head on to restore your iPhone to factory settings, you need to ensure that your iPhone is backed up. All the very best, Sterling. The initial sync did not include this new ablum.

It's the same with everyone. Trust the computer and enter your passcode if prompted.

It sounds like you are periodically running into an issue where the sync process does not update everything correctly. If you find yourself in any positions, restoring your iPhone back to factory settings can be your only solution. To start the conversation again, simply ask a new question. This will secure your sensitive data in the safest way.

Read above for the location of reset. Product-related questions? Click Restore on the pop-up menu and then agree to the license agreement. So now it at least synchs! Once you have installed iMyFone Umate Pro, launch it on your computer.

Communities Contact Support. This type of issue happens constantly.

How to set up a new Apple iPhone 5 with iTunes

How to Restore iPhone 5/5s without iTunes

How to Full Restore iPhone 5/5s with/without iTunes

It will start the backup process. Severe issues like constant crashing or freezing can make this inevitable.

IPhone 5 (iOS 10.3.3)

The only way I could prevent it from reloading was to uncheck it on the Library list. Then connect your iPhone to computer and if this is the first time you are doing so, you will need to confirm that you trust the device.

How to Full Restore iPhone 5/5s with/without iTunes

Even after deleting iCloud from the iPhone. There is no correlation between any of them. All replies Drop Down menu.

After deleting all of my Playlists and trying to delete all of the songs on my iPhone, there are still a lot of songs left on my phone. The same goes for when your iPhone is stolen. Even the previously deleted files which are recoverable can be found out and completely overwritten. When ever I have had issues with songs I've been forced to wipe my iphone, and then restore from a back up, you should do the same. Under device, it shows songs.