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Bhatti's eldest son Nadeem Abbas Bhatti, is a film producer, and played a lead role in the movie Ishq Roug but then shifted his focus to film distribution. He was the honorary member of numerous army units. The series provided the viewers a look in his Sufistic leanings, and the lives and works of the Sufi poets. During the early phases of his life, Bhatti enjoyed his association with two persons, both from Gujrat.

Kalaam Imam Zainul Abiddin As By Inayat Hussain Bhatti

The Century six Artillery unit. He was a protagonist of the development of Punjabi language and literature. In the s, along with two other like minded personalities, Mr.

Kalaam Imam Zainul Abiddin As By Inayat Hussain Bhatti

He fell ill and was treated in Aziz Bhatti Shaheed Hospital. Awarded a shield by the Punjabi intellectual forum Chandigarh shield and a medallion by Sur layamunch Jalandhar shield and medallion by Prof. In this column he pointed out the maladies of Pakistani society without any fear. Once he was memorizing some lines while having tea at the radio canteen when Rafi Peer, a play writer, overheard him.

His brother Kaifee was a successful film director and actor. The themes of all movies produced by him, were based on some social malady of the Punjabi culture. In the early s, he did Bhatti Da Dayrah, a musical cum talk show every week for a year.

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Inayat Hussain Bhatti New Songs

He also appeared in many films as an actor. Producer-director Nazir offered Bhatti sahib the leading role in his Punjabi film Heer against Sawaran lata. It was his association with and training under Shami, which facilitated Bhatti sahib's participation in regular radio programs as a singer. His contribution for Pakistan Peoples Party is fondly remembered and discussed by the senior party members and supporters. One of his naat in Arabic is regularly broadcast on Radio Pakistan Lahore, during the holy month of Ramadan since the last four decades.

Both brothers were well-known film actors as well as film producers. His another son Nadeem Abbas Bhatti was producer of most of his movies and acted in a film. He also worked as a producer, director and script-writer, as well as a social worker in his year-long career, making films like Chann Makhna, Sajan Pyara and Ishq Deewana. During the s and early s both Bhatti and late Alam Lohar dominated the folk theatre genre in Punjab, both were also great friends. After this film's popularity, Bhatti became an almost overnight celebrity.

Inayat Hussain Bhatti

He was producer, director and hero of first Siraiki film Dhian Nimania and directed some other films as well. Lifetime achievement award from Bolan Academy. He was very active to promote Punjabi language. Career His career spanned almost five decades. This was Bhatti's second marriage.

He is the first and to date the only non-medical person in the subcontinent to receive this honor. As an encyclopedia, pakpedia.

Development of Punjabi Language and Literature He was a protagonist of the development of Punjabi language and literature. We welcome everyone for corrections and updates, Thank you. Bhatti was the only male artist in Pakistan film industry who achieved super stardom both as an actor and a singer simultaneously.

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The late artiste from Mohalla Fattupura, Gujrat, spend several formative years of his life in the company of these individuals in Gujrat and Lahore. In India as a visitor He was equally popular across the border in East Punjab India and was bestowed with the following honours. He was also a social worker and contested election in but failed. He also produced, directed and acted in three Saraiki language films simultaneously. Lifetime achievement award from Nigar Awards.

Justice Amarjit Chaudry acting chief justice of the Punjab and Haryana high court. He went up to him and asked whether he would act as the hero in his play Akhian Eyes. Chishti and the movie Phairey. Bhatti Sahib was also the chairman of Punjab Workers Movement, founded in the s for the same objectives.

Other songs of that movie, includes the solo recorded in the voice of Bhatti. For this reason, these films were popular with the audience and have become true classical Punjabi films. He sometimes used to accept character roles in plays broadcast by the Lahore station of Radio Pakistan.

He also wrote articles in newspapers and was a famous Zakar. Rafi Peer wanted Bhatti sahib to speak Punjabi in the Sargodha dialect, which he did. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. His career spanned almost five decades. Ashrafi was famous film director.

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Inayat Hussain Bhatti s New Songs Collection - Mp3 & Videos

His another brother Shujaat Hussain Bhatti was seen in a film. It was his association with and training under Master Niaz Hussain Shami, which facilitated Bhatti's participation in regular radio programs as a singer. Bhatti's sahib had a big film-family. He was also owner of Bhatti Theatre and performed in various festivals in Punjab in the s. Bhatti's progeny includes three sons, three daughters, harlequin able ebooks thirteen grandsons and six granddaughters.

Famous actresses Ghazala and Chakori were married to his brother Kaifee. The music for this song was composed by veteran music director Rasheed Attre. Chairman of rehabilitation council of Gulab devi hospital Lahore.