Glimmer Stacey Wallace Benefiel

Give the readers some catharsis. Apparently, none of you is to be left behind.

Honestly, I just don't understand what the author was thinking here. Zellie has an uncanny ability to know certain things about people, a trait she inherited from her mother. Reposting for viewing pleasure is especially good for those who missed it the first time round.

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Glimmer by Stacey Wallace Benefiel Review

She also begins the story in the middle of the action without the lengthy recap of what happened in the last book. There is also some very bold make-out sessions that either nobody notices or they just wink at - even though they involve taking off clothes in public places and sneaking around in church. While this is a book about a girl with extraordinary powers, Zellie's appeal is her very ordinariness.

Glimmer (Audiobook) by Stacey Wallace Benefiel

Glimmer picks up where Glimpse left off. About Stacey Wallace Benefiel. She has visions of the future, how people die, what their ailments I really love the way Stacey writes and her originality of her ideas just keep blowing me away. Stacey slips in teenager speak so easily it just flows. Books by Stacey Wallace Benefiel.

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Glimmer by Stacey Wallace Benefiel Review

Can't wait to read the next one! However, the premise was poorly executed and the things I found cool or interesting were overexplained to the point of mundanity. This writer wanted certain things to happen in the plot, so she would have her characters react in whichever way was most convenient for the story.

Zellie is a totally relatable heroine, and I absolutely look forward to seeing more of her in Glimmer. While the first book seemed more contemporary to begin with, seenu telugu movie mp3 songs there is no mistaking that Glimmer is a paranormal novel.

This was a free book in the Nook shop and when I read the synopsis, I thought it sounded promising. Typos abound, formatting is beyond strange, and characters change nicknames more often than normal people go through socks. We are also reintroduced to Ben the hottie, as Claire would call him. There were not so subtle hints dropped throughout the book but most came so late in the game I was already lost reading about the black shadow characters I had come to dislike so much.

Can Zellie manage to save the day? Then when her daughter is going through quite a life changing event mommy decides to add to the boiling pot and have an affair. Zellie just accepts this because hey, she doesn't bother questioning her parents for hating her or Avery for getting dumped and just up and leaves for Portland. Perhaps one day I will be really bored. Believe me, there is plenty to go around!

Avery's home life isn't exactly ideal, and Zellie's not the only one with a crush. She along with seemingly everyone else is insistent on mistaking lust and infatuation based on shallow traits as True Love.

Zellie and Avery are back together. If you live in one, or come from one, you will recognize the authenticity with which she writes. Zellie lives in a small town.

Happily, none of that is the case with Stacey Wallace Benefiel's books! Benefiel doesn't just stick a supernatural creature into a human world. Benefiel brings back characters from Glimpse and continues to show their growth, while introducing new characters.

He's one-dimensional and subtly sexist. There are better books out there. But when Avery appears to reciprocate her feelings, Zellie is ecstatic.

There were like ten things going on at once. Can Zellie really lose Avery? However, the preternatural rules that govern this world are sometimes unclear and it's hard to know what to believe about the devastating vision at the heart of the novel. The death of Avery's father probably causing a permanent rift in both Zel and Avery's relationship. Totally worthy of three stars.

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The characters make you fall in love with them. This has an interesting premise. If they didn't talk, how else would they hear each other's stories and secrets? The decision to alternate points-of-view between Zellie and Avery is a nice touch, showing truthfully that everyone feels self-conscious at this age.

Despite all this and her mother's warning she is determined to have the future that her mother and Avery's father denied themselves for the very same reason. Ben, I have to say, was just awesome. He's just soooo cute and he likes her soooo much and they just have to be together. That may be the first time I've actually written that. Everyone else just kind of exists, dropping in and out of the story mostly at the author's whim.

Avery's mom is in a mental hospital, and Zellie's dad just seems dandy about everything. Their idea of a romantic date involved lots of making out on a bench in the park and to make it even more disturbing, they did it in the dead of night. Loved the first book- Glimpse and was anxiously waiting for this one. Her relationships with her best friend and sister are the anchor of this novel and are at the heart of its humor. The second book is the Zellie Wells trilogy takes off with more of the paranormal than book one.

Glimmer by Stacey Wallace Benefiel Review