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Twenty-three percent of men but only four percent of women said they were open to a relationship in which the woman was taller. In general the guys that have been attracted to me have been shorter. It would seem that guys are their own worst enemies, at times. Why do you prefer tall guys?

SexandDating Dating is hard enough without all the expectations we set for our partners, yet we're all guilty of having them. He asked me this at least once a week when we first started dating and once a fortnight later on. How do tall women and short men survive the dating world? According to many ladies, dalstonist dating after divorce dating a short dude is a big no-no.

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Men may be less open to dating a tall woman than they think, she added. Only seven percent would accept someone who was their height, and just four percent would allow for a shorter guy. Heather Hazzan and Lily Cummings All Woman Project Studies show that men are much more open to dating someone outside of their height requirements than women are.

They found that, despite what preference they expressed, women preferred a physically fit partner, while most men indicated that a number of body sizes would be acceptable. What would you say when he asked you those questions?

No idea why, I just fancied them more. Heterosexual dating followed traditional gender roles for beliefs and expectations, as well as interpersonal actions.

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That seems fucking annoying. Is that just your personal preference? But judging by the statistics, that's pretty tough to find.

Despite their glowing qualities, the women always chose the taller men. So as usual, the problem is men. Why do you like them so high? Would you let them off that last inch? Sometimes tall men can be quite arrogant or entitled because they generally get a lot more female attention.

Like, if we are on the train together, he isn't just right in my line of sight. Curiously, the research also showed that women enforced the norm more strongly than men. We also now have a tiny mayor of London so I believe our time has come. Do women care about height as much as men think they care about height? But I do like height on a man.

Dating someone shorter than you?

Plus, there's no harm in exploring someone outside your ideal, especially if they look anything like these sexy, short dudes. Also, and this is subway or tube riding specific, but it's nice to be with someone and still have your own space. Most of my friends wouldn't feel terribly comfortable dating someone shorter than them and personally - though I'm above average height - I find it off-putting if a bloke is shorter than me. Well, all my long-term boyfriends have been over six-foot.

The ultimate shallow fantasy. He would constantly be looking for a fight with other guys which, was L O L since he was so small and would have surely lost. In my mind, it's a turn-on when a guy is tall. When we were sitting at a table everything was normal, but walking next to each other definitely felt weird. The Napoleon Complex is real.

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At the start, he was really okay with me being in heels, but got progressively angrier about his shoe size and his height. Have you had any experiences with the less-than-tall?

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He made more of a thing about it than I did. Or do you think a lot of women feel that way?

Take a look for yourself and read what they had to say. But if they were intimidated or poked fun when I wore heels, for example, it became a problem. But he also asked me if I was worried about us being a mixed race couple too. He would be okay until someone else made a joke about it, then he would lose his shit.

If I was shorter it probably wouldn't be a requirement but I think men should always be taller than women. But kissing a short shorter than me guy was hard because I hate bending down! At the same time, if a guy is as short or shorter than me it suggests to me he might have a growth issue. He loves when I wear heels and doesn't have any problem being shorter.

Do you think the onus is on shorter guys to try harder? Because I'm tall and like to wear heels. Like, when guys get all defensive about their height, do they have reason to? Yeah or just generally make more of an effort - both romantically and sexually. Everything about him was annoying.

He did, and he asked me if I wished he was taller. But in all honesty short guys tend to have over-the-top personalities. Everyone in my life compared him to a chihuahua.

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As long as the guy makes up for his shortcomings by being a lovely, funny, confident person then height difference is such a minor thing. We got a lot of hassle in public, but this may have been because he was black too. Is there really truth to the stereotype? Probably more embarrassment, I wouldn't feel comfortable being taller in an intimate way if that makes sense, like kissing and me having to bend down?

And once you're laying down, height doesn't really matter! My current boyfriend is rather tall, but I've dated guys several inches shorter than me too, and I found if they were comfortable with it, it didn't bother me either. Or maybe there is a slightly taller man in my future. Gender differences in desire for a certain type of mate go beyond height and into other physical arenas.

Of course, not all women consider height to be a major factor. They lined up several short men next to tall men, and asked women to choose a date. No, and I wouldn't consider it. And as for the potential benefits of a shorter-man-taller-woman pairing? What about the short, blonde, kinda-average-in-the-face guys?