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Antique and Vintage Aladdin Lamps

Vintage and Antique Lamps

New lamps continue to be made overseas as well as here in America. Packing plaster around the peg held the old font in the old metal connector. David Lesurf Antiques and Art. They have a newsletter that can contain research results not published in Courter's book.

Aladdin Kerosene Lamps

The base and font of the new lamps in Figs. What Things Are Appraised on a Home? These details help give important clues about the lamp's manufacturer and the age. Center draft kerosene lamps were very popular in the United states and many were very ornate.

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Items you will need Reference books. They might even be put on with plaster. Collectible vintage lamps provide function and a source of cash when sold. If you have an interest in these lamps, 27 year old Bill's book is a must have.

The old bolts are set solid in the plaster and do not move. With rare exceptions, all old metal hardware is mounted or joined to the glass with plaster. More Articles You'll Love. Old metal connections, right, are packed in plaster on glass pegs.

Collars in both new lamps are glued. What the hardware is made of isn't as important as how it's fastened to the glass. Scratch the underside of the lamp surface in a hidden place with a fingernail or screwdriver tip to figure out the material used to make the lamp. Determining the worth of any lighting fixture means taking a good look at some obvious clues and doing a bit of research to estimate the value.

Illustrated lexicon of Aladdin lamp terms Learn what all those lamp terms mean. Note all clues for your research. The hardware joining the base and font looks complicated but it is just another form of a glued joint. They used up materials on hand creating factory hybrid and transition lamps. All but two pieces of new metal hardware on these lamps were brass plated, so it's tempting to say all the new hardware is plated.

How to Determine the Year a Table Lamp Was Manufactured

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Chris's Watches and Antiques. Vintage light bulbs are occasionally worth more than the lamp itself. Printed by Hyde Park Press in Australia. The new Sweetheart or Beaded Heart lamp in Fig. Brought to you by Sapling.

Vintage and Antique Lamps

If you need more information about different model A or B glass lamps I strongly suggest that you purchase a copy of Bill's excellent book. This includes everything from small finger-lamps to multicolored banquet lamps. Search for manufacturing clues on the lampshade, if the lamp has one. Lamp collecting can be a much richer hobby than just collecting each one and placing them on display. This is a self published book sold directly by the author and does a very good job of covering the inception and comparative evolution of the mantle burner, most of which took place in Europe.

Finials are the knob that hold shades to the lamp base. Look for manufacturing labels and company embossed stamps and raised imprints on the lamp. Aladdin was and is still the most successful brand of non-pressurized kerosene mantle lamp.

Don't assume, however, that the base and shade came as a pair. Nearly all the old bolts are packed in plaster so they don't move. Whatever your interest in these lamps I hope you find something of use in this web site. Research online and in print lamp guides and reference books using the information you've collected from your investigation of your lamp.

The lamp you use daily might also be a valuable item. Copperton Lane Antiques and Collectibles. As such the descriptions may not cover all the variations of these models.

How to Determine the Year a Table Lamp Was Manufactured

The easiest first test to catch new glass lamps is to simply expose them to black light. The model A and model B glass lamps described in this site are of lamps I own or have owned. Many of the new lamps are being produced in colors and color combinations not originally made.

Dozens of companies manufactured a wide verity of these lamps, some of whom also manufactured kerosene mantle lamps. Please consider these conjectures to be working hypotheses and not fact. Dissolve the glue and the lamp comes apart. When the lamp comes from a family member, dating alternative ask for details about the geographic region where the lamp was purchased and how long the family member used the lamp. Much of America was rural and without electricity at the turn of the century.

This book an excellent reference for burner and parts identification. My intention is to supplement his work by adding newer glass lamps and limited edition glass lamps. This glue also fluoresces brightly under long wave black light.

The markings on these might be the only clue to the lamp maker. Old joints that are fused, not glued, caught do not fluoresce at the base-font joint. The Cathedral lamp is sold in combinations of blue and amber. What makes this book unique and important is that it tells the stories of the people and companies behind the lamps and adds a perspective you will not find elsewhere.

Examine any switches or metal pulls for manufacturing clues. Examine the overall condition of the lamp. Glass lamps produced through used the model B burner. Lamps offered at auctions might be trash or may be treasure. The light colored band is glue.

  1. There was a glass lamp made in Brazil that used a model C burner.
  2. Links to other collector sites, and some reputable companies that sell Aladdin lamps and lamp parts.
  3. Pedestal shelf lamps and -.
  • Font-to-Base Joints The easiest first test to catch new glass lamps is to simply expose them to black light.
  • All these new lamps are glued together at the base and font.
  • This procedure should be considered hazardous and is not recommended as a test for new and old.

Some vintage lamps appear to be made from copper metal, but instead are made from a substitute painted to look like copper metal. Since I have started this site others have helped out by sending me jpeg pictures of lamps I do not have for use in this site. Of course restored and repaired old lamps may have new hardware. Copies can be purchased from the author. These lamps don't just stand alone, They are a part of the American fabric.

Don't be fooled by elaborate new hardware such as you might find in larger lamps like the new Cathedral lamp in Fig. New finger lamp in Petal and Rib pattern, right. Bill's book is primarily focused on Aladdin lamps marketed within the United States and Canada. But every new joint fluoresces brightly in black light Fig. It is a well researched chronicle that pulls together hard to find information.

Antique and Vintage Aladdin Lamps

How to Tell if You Have a Lamp That s Worth Money

How to Tell if You Have a Lamp That s Worth Money - Budgeting Money
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The long bolts generally used in new hardware are threaded their entire length Fig. Look at the type of damage to determine if repairs are possible. Look at the wiring as a clue to the age and the lamp's maker. New bolts, left, connecting new hardware are threaded the entire length. By contrast, almost all new metal hardware is glued.

Tip Investigate the trail of ownership of the lamp. While Bill Courter's book does an excellent job of telling the story of Aladdin, this book puts that story into perspective with the rest of the early American mantle lamp industry. Most of this web site is dedicated to documenting the Aladdin brand of lamps. The hobby of collecting these lamps can be as rich as you want it to be. You may have a valuable shade on a worthless base.

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