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The editor of New Advent is Kevin Knight. During his time, the diocese was made suffragan to Salzburg. At the time the diocese embraced the country of the Upper Isar as far east as the Inn and south to the watershed of the Inn and the Isar. On the other hand, those parishes in the Tyrol, Carinthia, Carniola, etc. Given up to field sports, Philipp nevertheless steadfastly opposed the ecclesiastical innovations which seemed about to gain it footing in his diocese.

The Church of Freising dates back to St. Heinrich I lived to see the destruction of Freising by Duke Welf, and, when dying, bequeathed his possessions to the diocese.

The church of Our Lady

On the summit of the mountain upon which Freising cathedral stood he erected a second Benedictine monastery under the same government as the first. After the victory of Otto I at Lechfeld, peace came again to the city, and the Church of Freising, under the guidance of competent rulers, rose from its ruins, and acquired new possessions. This archdiocese originated in the ancient Diocese of Freising.

The Church of

He was succeeded in the government of the abbey by his brother Erembert. With the newly acquired territory, Freising gained a port of entry into Carinthia, and the diocese soon acquired possessions also in Styria and Carniola. Rupert, bear witness to the people's devotion.

University of Munich It was first established at Ingolstadt q. An archdiocese in Bavaria. He attained great distinction by his regulation of ecclesiastical affairs. His successors were in great part lords from Austrian territory. Corbinian's Association, and erected a lesser seminary in Freising.

The schism which occurred under Louis

The diocese has benefices and manual benefices i. In The Catholic Encyclopedia.

Dedicated to the Immaculate Heart of Mary. The Hungarians gained an entry into Bavaria and destroyed almost entirely the spiritual life of the country. This article was transcribed for New Advent by John Fobian. In Austria and in the Tyrol the colonies founded from the diocese were remarkably successful in development and stability. Numerous female orders and congregations are to be found in the archdiocese.

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The schism which occurred under Louis the Bavarian also divided the Church of Freising. The church of Our Lady in Munich was made the cathedral. On account of his zealous activity in the North German sees, he was unable to remain long at Freising. Philipp was also administrator of the Diocese of Naumburg. Through the munificence of the Wittelsbach dynasty, abundant provision has been made for its organization and equipment, and it now ranks as the second largest among the German universities.

Under his rule, a large number of monasteries were re-established or newly founded, and many churches and charitable institutions were erected. During his time, Veit Arnpeck wrote his history of Bavaria and of Freising.