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The game's overhead view and your team's ability to scan the landscape for Nazis force the characters presented in Commandos to be very small. The Sniper is the team's medic if the Driver is not on the mission. The commandos decided to take care of him after his owner died. This can make it difficult to spot your men, especially in areas with heavy foliage. He is also equipped with a submachine gun which fires a three-round burst into any enemy.

He can lift bodies and hide them to avoid raising the alarm. Samuel tends to be a very mistrustful character.


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The Green Beret is also equipped with a radio device called a decoy. On land he has complete mastery of throwing knives and carries a grappling hook which he is able to use to climb buildings, walls and trees. Soon after he was contacted by the Commando corps about becoming a part of the team. However, the inability of many characters to perform simple tasks, like driving, gets annoying. In one mission, Spooky the spy is supposed to infiltrate a camp and shut down the power.

He is considered one of the best snipers in the world. After the German invasion in he joined the Resistance.

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The Spy is the team's medic when neither the Driver nor the Sniper are deployed on the mission. The sniper is very cool and calculating but very stand-offish with his other companions.

The Marine is a specialist trained for aquatic and amphibious assault based missions. With his harpoon gun and his diving equipment he is able to spend hours underwater without worrying about oxygen supply or about danger he may encounter at sea. Rene has an amiable personality and is great at making conversation.

His sentence was suspended when he joined the commandos. Each of the five soundtrack are made available on iTunes and Amazon. During the mission, he is useful in operating German positions such as artillery and mounted machine guns. The game received even greater praise. In he stole Rene Duchamp's suitcase, thinking he was a German officer.

In he enlisted in the Royal Marines. This can be frustrating, especially if you are close to solving a mission and an enemy guard spots you in an area where he should not be able to see you. From this action, he suffered severe burns. Men of Courage exploits this exciting idea even further.

Blackwood has alcohol problems which are apparently under control. Commandos offers a great challenge, and it is the type of game that allows you to learn from your mistakes. In terrains such as sand or snow, the Green Beret can camouflage himself, using a small shovel, making him invisible to the enemy.

This is the type of game you will have to play several times to get right. Behind Enemy Lines is an addictive, electro house 2010 club mix dj bl3nd well-produced game.

This article needs additional citations for verification. An expert in calculating, placing and developing explosives such as time bombs and remote bombs, he is the Commando responsible for causing widespread destruction.

She can effectively handle a sniper rifle and can walk around freely, although she will be attacked if spotted by a commander. Sound is good, but the team's repetitive phrases can be annoying. He has the ability to wear an enemy uniform for an infinite amount of time, or until a soldier of a high ranking sees through his guise. With the help of the Sapper, he can also set booby traps that can trigger an explosion. He is the fastest in the Commandos group.

Two years later in he was arrested and put in a remand home. His tiny frame allows him to break through enemy lines through avenues other men would be unable to do.

By the time you finally stop, it is time to get out of bed. He is able to knock down virtually every door, jump from incredible heights, climb poles and swing along wires. Being the smallest and fastest of all of the Commandos, Lupin is quiet, soft-spoken, and reserved. Whiskey is ideal for transferring items between commandos, because he can move quickly and enemy soldiers won't attack him.

His attack involves silent and cautious movement and he attempts to use minimum force if possible. An extremely violent character, strong sense of combat allowed him to be the Commando leader and it seems he is able to maintain friendship with all of his comrades. Trees, snow, rocks, flowing water and other organic scenery comprise most of the background. Nazaire, he was responsible for the explosions that caused a great number of casualties in the German garrison and rendered the installations useless.

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He can also open safes with his tools. Before his prison sentence, he managed to escape to England with a new identity.

In he enlisted in the army and the following year he volunteered for the Commandos. Commandos is a stealth -oriented real-time tactics video game series. The sound in Commandos is good.

The view is isometric with tactical gameplay. Because of his loyalty, he soon gained the friendship of his fellow Commandos. His missions usually involve clearing the path of enemies for his colleagues from a distance. Finally, there are certain tasks to complete in Commandos that are no adequately explained.

This is war, after all, and people die in war. In he killed the Commandant of the German garrison in Nariko with a single shot from a distance of more than a mile. There is always a solution to the problems you encounter, you just have to figure it out. This inconsistency makes it hard to predict what the enemy soldiers will do.

He will then stand behind debris or other objects which provide shelter while he provides cover for the other Commando troops. In he joined the high-risk Explosive Department.