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Learn how you can connect. Scrupulously maintaining the validity of all data throughout the trial process is crucial.

Learn more about Clinical Reach Cloud based solution for clinical trial leaders. Learn more about Protocol First. Population Health Coordinate care across a community of providers with Healthy Planet. Use Teamscope to collect data for clinical studies, even when you are offline or in remote areas. Share these questions and answers with your Medical Records Department Head.

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Determine the onset of an adverse event and its outcomes, and discern event patterns across treatment groups. Help your physicians thrive Common tasks are streamlined to get the job done fast. Tracks Pharmacist Interventions and can be interfaced with your dispensing hardware.

Healthcare Software Should SOLVE Problems

ClinicalAnalytics by TrialStat! Learn more about Patchmaster Multi-channel acquisition software with programmable experiment control and automation with lock-In amplifier and photometry extension.

Healthcare Software Should SOLVE Problems

An advanced electronic data capturing and clinical trial solution built specifically for the oncology department. Learn more about StudyPal A clinical trial management solution connecting protocol, study training, videos, study contact, visit schedule, and more. Learn more about agClinical Cloud-based solution with clinical trial activities planning, sample powerpoint presentation animation tracking and control for life science organizations. Learn more about Target Health Software Suite.

Learn more about Protocol Manager. Where, physically, is your data stored? Enrollment and Eligibility Make Epic your system of reference for member demographics, coverages and benefits information. Facilities that want to save time, money, and personnel thru intensive use of virtualization. Learn more about Protocol Manager Helps clinical operations manage global trials of drugs, devices, biologics, and vaccines in all phases of development.

Learn more about EasyTrial. Give external providers tools to review and resolve care gaps through a web-based care management portal. Learn more about Randomize.

See what our clients are saying! Simplifies the physiological data collection and management process for both researchers and participants. Training that fits your staff and your facility.

Clinical software

Drive outcomes through advanced analytics and machine learning. Learn more about StudyPal. Track patient exposure to treatment, identify drug interactions, and analyze distributions, event rates and risk. Healthcare Reform and Regulatory Compliance Keep up with federal regulations and evolving payment models. Reduce costly on-site source data verification while preserving data integrity and the safety of study participants.

The Medical Records department has their own set of duties, requirements, and responsibilities that compliment the clinical environment and helps keep them out of trouble. Learn more about Clinical Studio Clinical Studio facilitates research by delivering enterprise infrastructure on demand, for a flat fee.

Set of modules that help all stakeholders effectively manage all areas of clinical and research management. TrialPoint modules are intuitive, flexible and powerful tools to manage all aspects of clinical trial lifecycle. VirTrial provides a proven telehealth platform for use in hybrid clinical trials.

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Software to help manage all tasks and documentation within clinical trials. Engage the patient by providing access to health and wellness information. Learn more about OpenClinica Protocols are complex. Learn more about ez-SourceDocx. Cloud based solution for clinical trial leaders.

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Clinical software

Learn more about eCaseLink. Learn more about Trial Online. Delight them with appointment scheduling, e-visits, remote monitoring, and telehealth. HealthStream Competency Center is competency-driven, healthcare specific, and a HealthStream-integrated competency management system.

Clinical software

Practice management software that is highly configurable for any customer requirements. Centralized software which provides ways to manage, track, and document throughout the clinical trials process.

Common tasks are streamlined to get the job done fast. Cloud-based solution with clinical trial activities planning, tracking and control for life science organizations.

Get rid of those extra servers and save yourself some electricity and headaches. Learn more about QuesGen Platform A web-based solution that can be used for recruiting patients and managing all aspects of data associated with clinical research. Learn more about ClinicalAnalytics.