Airstream sewer hookup, making rv fulltime stationary home

Sewer Connection

Decide where it will be convenient to place the Quick Connect Tee into the water line. Should I have it replaced at the shop or could I do it myself? Treat yourself to a new vent. Unless the toilet visit involves solid waste we would suggest that the used tissue be disposed of in a separate receptacle. Oh yes about the wool for your windows, dating simpson does that just come down like a Roman shade at night?

Making RV fulltime stationary home

If you want to upgrade to a more fancy unit make sure its dimensions and water connections will fit in the same space as your current toilet. You can catch this water in a portable tank and dump it in a sewer later. It looks a lot like a stainless coffee pot percolator guts or a flying saucer. Consider your environment and what objective you are trying to achieve with the skirting. Some campgrounds have water available on the premises but not at each campsite, so the jugs can be handy to shuttle water from the water spigot to refill the water tank.

Ask Melanie How Do I Install a Permanent Toilet in an Airstream

  1. Correct Way to Hook-up Click image to expand in new window.
  2. The primary uses for the generator are recharging batteries and running high wattage appliances.
  3. Another tip to prolong the dump interval when using your tank is to use the spray nozzle for flushing.
  4. Do I need to put chemicals in my black water tank?

Tighten the nuts according to the directions. Unfortunately, this leaves the coffee maker, hair dryer and air conditioner off limits when dry camping unless you have rented our optional generators. Black Water is kept in the closed Black Water tank until you break camp and empty it at a Dump Station. Take it away friendly reader!

What does it mean to dry-camp
  • Sadly over the years there has been a lot of wrong information about the correct way to connect to the sewer line.
  • You must collect it carefully in a holding tank and dispose of it in a sanitary sewer.
  • Any plumbing supply can get them, including online sources.
  • The upgraded batteries are especially useful during the colder months of dry-camping, when you want to be able to run your furnace day and night.

Modern cheap plastic sewer hose fittings will not fit any of these older fittings without an adapter and newer only. Lastly, in camp in a rustic setting where it is allowed, the dump valve is closed and the Gray Water runs onto the ground. In many situations it is acceptable to drain it on the ground. The trick is to get a small tank and dump it daily. If the original bench toilet seat is damaged, attach a regular household toilet seat to the shelf before you install the toilet.

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This volume and weight along with the force of gravity is what cleans out your black water tank. There may be local building code, campground or other regulations that are relevant to your situation. Open both the black and gray water discharge valves. At night, we take them down. Available with gauges, too.

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This website uses cookies to improve your experience. There must always be liquid in this dip to prevent fumes from traveling up the sewer hose. One reason to bypass the holding tanks is the convenience of not having to dump and flush tanks. You also have to first modify the front of the fiberglass surround so you can access the recessed Thetford foot pedal. Insert the new rubber gasket that came with your toilet.

Click here for frequently asked questions faq. The Right and Wrong way to connect. Also the only way you can enjoy air conditioning while dry-camping is with a generator. There are all sorts of owner added level marks, how to know if the from Felt Tip marker to Dymo-Labels to computer made decals.

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Something my man and I have looked into is creating a tiny house out of a storage container. What you do may also be influenced by the climate. The best are those that chlorine dioxide based i. Use your Blue Tank connected to the dump fitting with a short piece of garden hose with a female connection on each end.

Making RV fulltime stationary home

Kelly and Suzanne, No extra help was needed for our toilet. Let the pump run until it has the system pressurized and shuts itself off. If no flush inlet is available insert a hose, through the toilet, and flush the black water tank. The Wrong Way to Connect Click for illustration. If you are traveling or dry camping with the tank valve closed, yes use one that will dissolve the solids and help with the odors.

If so, keep that in mind when deciding to make modifications. My wife uses tissue on every visit to the toilet. Remember that if you do retain the holding tank system, keep the valves closed until you dump and flush. On these demand type systems it is recommended that you use an accumulator to prevent the pump from coming on every time you open the tap.

The problem you have is the toilet tissue in the tank has surrounded and plugged up the tanks drain hole. The Right Way to Connect Click for illustration. For large area damage, or for all over repairs, the area can be repaired using fiberglass resin and mat, is there any laws and then sprayed with colored gelcoats. What do I do if my black water tank is stopped up and will not drain. Cleaning dishes can also use up the gray holding tank so using paper plates and cups can help save water.

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How to use your Airstream without any hook-ups (aka Dry-Camping)
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Turning on the hose causes water to fill the drain tube and applies pressure to the underside of the black tank drain hole pushing upward into the tank. Fill a bucket from your sink and pour the water into the bowl. This is legal and not a big hassle.

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Dry Camping at Bull Bend, Oregon. For campgrounds with no water you can bring water with you or take the jug and fill up in town when you are visiting the local sites. It usually requires a small amount of the chemical after each dumping.

We have always loved Airstreams and now we have one of our own. The black water tank sewage is good for several days up to a week depending on the size of your Airstream. GoSilver is not endorsed by or affiliated with Airstream, Inc. Certain states, Wisconsin for example, require that it be put into a sewer. It appears that your sewer hook-up procedures waste a lot of water.

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How to connect RV to RV Park Sewer

These units will not need any modifications to the sewer system and might be just as cost effective once you factor in the cost of making modifications. The tank flush is only for use with hookups. In camp with sewer hookups, your dump valve is closed, trapping waste in the black tank, and the outside dump fitting has a hose going to the sewer connection in place of the cap. You will also only need to flush the toilet and not fill it twice as with solid waste.

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