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Picture taken with the rear camera edited with Picasa As for most tablets in that range, the cameras are only good for occasional use. Some have reported bugs and touchscreen malfunction from this firmware. Thank you so much, you saved my tablet. That said, I am disappointed that the software has yet to be updated being the last rom was early last year.

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This allows for numerous tasks and apps to be run at the same time with no loss in speed or responsiveness in the tablet. Powered up tablet normally, plugged in usb cable. When asked about the shipping date, they said the parcel was already dispatched and sent me a fake tracking number.

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Netflix, basic Apps, email. But the tablet runs slow and my unit came with one speaker damaged one wire was broken. This is something to look into. In real life use however, the difference is not striking. Come with English Manual, Just trying to get away from my laptop all of the time.

The biggest issue I had was related to the customer communication. Multi Color Enclosure Most talets only have white and black two color bodies. The same worked fine in other tablets. Perfect to match the Retina display. The speakers are located at the back which means that the sound might be blocked by a protection case.

The retina screen and resolution is fantastic, much better than the Nexus. It flicks for a second like it is charging and stops, hope it is also firmware problem.

Overall if Ainol will fix them issues the product will be brilliant. Other than that I will still buy from Ainol but I will do a better job at research on updates and what is currently being modded these days. The other prompt was in chinese, loving you a thousand times hee chul dating so I couldn't read it. PhoenixSuit will inform you of this and then it's just follow the instructions on screen.

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Yo en lo personal la recomiendo. The battery last a good amount of time if you play alot of games like me. Overall the result is surprisingly good for a tablet with an aluminium casing. The tablet is correctly built but the finishing feels slightly below what I saw in other brands, with no real fault though.

It is worth reminding that a small protecting film is applied on the rear lens and must be peeled off for proper results. Seriously not happy with that. With that this tablet is still far better and cheaper than my Samsung Galaxy which was actually given to me.

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